Monument Creek Vista and hermit reunions.




This was the last scenic pull off we visited on the Hermit Road at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.



Don’t get too excited, the saga isn’t over yet.




This particular spot was stunning.

The grandeur…




The colors…




The hermits.













But it was cooooold.

So cold.




And though there were captivating things to read about rocks…




I took my last picture… and jumped into the warm car.

But wait.

Could it be?




Had I really found it…?




The official site of Hermit reunions!

Who knew.

31 thoughts on “Monument Creek Vista and hermit reunions.”

    1. Well, it was the last scenic pull off on the Hermit Road. I think there’s one or two more Grand Canyon posts in the (what feels like never ending) series.
      But no worries.. the trip’s not over.
      There will be more rocks.

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  1. I’m practically a hermit since I only go outside when it’s absolutely necessary… and I’m sure the dump I share with my cats could be considered a cave. I’ve also met Peter Noone before, so I have a connection with a real Hermit…

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      1. I will never forget the time a friend was going through a rough patch, and my sister immediately said: “Well we need to bring a casserole or SOMETHING.” <–All of that to say, yes. Casserole and tequila. There's really nothing else you need.

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