Cold weather, lawn tractors, pack rats and men that don’t plan ahead.

Have I mentioned it’s been cold?

Well, it has.


(If you don’t have WTForecast on your phone, you should. It makes bad weather bearable.)


And if we still had cats, yes. I’d do that too.

Bitter temps and high winds make me want to hunker down and hibernate…

And drink.

But come to think of it so do warm weather, humidity, fog, wind, rain, hail and thunderstorms….. so make of that what you will.

It’s still winter here in Maine.

But that didn’t stop my husband from shopping for a lawn mower.

He wants one of these –


Which they practically give away for the ever so reasonable price of $5,500.

To which my reaction was…

He shopped around for the best price…

(spoiler alert, there isn’t one)


And made this poor guy dig one he promised to buy out of the solid ice and snow. Then he ordered it somewhere else.

Thanks husband.

Now I can’t show my face at the local Tractor Supply without fear of reprisal.


Did I mention…

This new tractor won’t fit in our shed slash (yes, there used to be a horse in there) barn?


Center post, 4 push mowers, patio furniture, wheel barrows, a generator, an extra truck tailgate, 2 old safes with no combinations, chainsaws, weed whackers, a plow, and 3 doors he brought home from the dump.

It won’t fit in the garage.


(2 cars, 2 motorcycles, a snowblower, 2 bed frames, a sink, an antique cash register, trash cans so filled with stuff there’s no room for trash, a fax machine, bicycles, paint, tools, shovels and at least 100 empty boxes.


Because you never know when you might need one.

Or thirty.

There could be a dead body. How would I know? I haven’t seen a wall, or parts of the floor in years.)


It won’t even fit in the new giant barn.

Husband has filled that with floor to ceiling crap treasure as well.

When he needs to work in there? It looks like this…


He’s my husband, and he’s a pack rat.

(He also refused to build the ramp I wanted out the front doors and would have no way to drive the tractor up in there anyway.)


When the new toy he ordered comes in?

I have no earthly idea where he’s going to park it.


You never plan ahead.

38 thoughts on “Cold weather, lawn tractors, pack rats and men that don’t plan ahead.”

  1. I feel your pain. I had to step over my first husband’s boxes of his “limited edition collectible beer cans” in my living room for years. He only moved them somewhere else when he brought home an entire car engine. To store it in my living room.

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  2. You’re not gonna have any room to invite the possums inside when that new lawn mower ends up in the dining room…

    I work in retail, and our philosophy is “if the customer can’t see it, we don’t have it.” Because, yeah, half of the stuff we go through hell and high water to find for a customer ends up not getting bought anyway…

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  3. We’re becoming more cold-hearted about stuff around here. If it gets in my way, it’s gone. Even the stuff in the basement where monsters live and stuff goes to plot against my plan to live a tidier life.

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  4. Deal Lord my garage looks like your garage, except all the stuff in mine belongs to my oldest son who (still) lives with me. When I was married to his dad, he did the same thing, one winter he rebuild an entire Chevy big block engine for our race car in MY LIVING ROOM! The next year I filed for divorce, lol.

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  5. Don’t laugh at saving empty boxes. Recently my wife needed a certain size box to mail something in, and like the thoughtful husband I am, I dug around the stacks of empty boxes in the garage until I found the exact size she needed. For my reward, I had to pack it for her to make her stuff fit (for which it only took a few whacks with a sledge hammer), but hey — that’s what husbands are for, right?

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      1. The only time I ever got away with that was when we moved back to Maine. He had come ahead and left me to pack up the house. Naturally I held a giant yard sale right after he left. Funny part is, he’s never missed or asked for a single thing I got rid of.


  6. As far as I can tell, all men with lawns want one of those. I still have a hard time swallowing the cost of our riding mower. I’m pretty sure my husband won’t get a zero-degree mower until I have Rosie the robot doing the dishes over here, mk?

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