Name That Crap…


So I think we’ve established the fact that my husband is a pack rat.




And a collector of    vast amounts of bizarre useless debris   treasure.




So let’s try and have some fun.




What is it?




And don’t you wish you had one?




(Toes for size reference as well as photographic stability)

Name That Crap.


30 thoughts on “Name That Crap…”

  1. A vibrator from 1922. Used by common folk and celebrities alike (not at the same time of course) This useful little tool kept people sane during the great depression because for a while, they reeeeealllly didn’t care what was going on in the outside world.

    am I close?


  2. [Where did / How did / Why did] your husband accumulate all that “detritus of life”? Does he want to run “Ye Olde Curiositie Shoppe” when he retires?

    He’s got a running start since it looks like an antique shop exploded and landed on your premises.

    As for the unnamed crap ~> an electric drill looking for its “bit-ter” half?

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    1. Where? Yard sales, flea markets, antique stores and auctions.
      How? Slowly and over many years.
      Why? I wish I knew!
      He has visions of opening a shop some day, but I know how that would work. Me doing all the work… and him off acquiring more stuff. Not going to happen.
      And no, it’s not a drill.


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