Apparently, he likes me.


Sometimes WordPress makes me laugh because I follow a lot of funny people.



Sometimes it makes me laugh because a lot of funny people follow me.



And sometimes it makes me laugh for totally unexpected reasons.

Like the other day when I clicked my notifications and saw this:




Clearly I must make TANBHIR laugh because he liked the hell out of every comment I made on one of my old posts.

Every single comment.

That’s a lot of laughing.



Not enough for him to actually comment back or add anything to the thread, but clearly TANBHIR likes the like button.

Unfortunately since TANBHIR  (Who must be a serious fellow since his name is all CAPS) only wants to help me make money online so I did not return the favor and like him back. I also removed him from my followers list.

Sorry TANBHIR, but I’m not here to make money.

Better luck next time.



39 thoughts on “Apparently, he likes me.”

    1. On my computer it’s easy. Click My Site…then Followers… the remove button is to the right of each person’s name.
      On my iPhone – Hit My Sites twice, then your site name, then scroll down to people, then followers, Tap the person’s name, scroll down and hit remove.
      I have so many “get rich by blogging” people I have to do a cleanse every now and then!

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  1. There is a blogger who sometimes likes all of my comments. But she is a genuine blogger. I love her posts. Bless her, I am not sure why she is reading all the conversations I am having with other bloggers. But then again they are all out there in the “public domain”. But if WP was counting likes on comments as well as likes on posts my stats would be through the roof!

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    1. Genuine blogger? Fine… like all you want. I read other’s comments on conversation threads as well. But these make money people want no interaction, just stats. I don’t have time for that. Bye Bye!

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      1. I have noticed some funny folk (not funny ha-ha, more funny as in peculiar) with “stuff” on their blogs which looks odd, very odd for a WordPress blogger. And some have thousands of followers…it’s baffling. Their posts look like tripe, and I don’t mean that unkindly, there is nothing creative or personal about them, they are just advertising get-rich quick or other dubious schemes.

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    1. But that’s the funny thing… liking me will not improve their traffic because the minute I see their site title name and realize they’re not really reading me? I remove them.
      It’s like digital Whack a Mole!

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  2. I get a lot of TANBHIRs… though my TANBHIRs usually start at my most recent post and go back and start liking the last 40 or 50 posts I made in a span of about 30 seconds. When I get one of those notices from WordPress that “My stats are booming!”, I know there’s probably a TANBHIR lurking around my blog just waiting to shower me with like…

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  3. I have someone like that, they like a lot of my comments but never actually comment. I suppose that’s when you know when they actually follow you, they read your posts and make substantial comments.

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    1. I’ve noticed the minute I tag something differently, I get different followers. I mocked mindfulness a while back and got a raft of mental health and wellness followers. Apparently they don’t get sarcasm.


      1. I made the mistake of downloading & using a photograph from a Russian guy off of Unsplash. I’m still getting slammed by Eastern Europe & .ru sites/emails. Damn…they some h***y MFs. 🤔🙄😳😖

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  4. Looks like TANBHIR came on way too strong! Doesn’t he know a lady doesn’t put out on the first date? What a freaky bot…. Maybe next time he’ll at least take you out for dinner first, jeez. 🙄

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  5. Sometimes I’ll like comments in a thread – some people, yourself included have comments threads that go to such strange places it would be a sin to miss them!
    On a plus note, you got a new post out of old Tampax or whatever-his-name-is!

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  6. I will like posts without commenting sometimes because sometimes I just can’t think of an interesting comment that will add anything to the discussion. Especially if I’m late to the conversation and there are already a lot of comments.

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