This literally makes me twitch.


A few years ago my husband built a barn.

It’s a lovely barn….


IMG_0158 (Edited)


Complete with a farmer’s porch for me and my late afternoon book.

Or margarita.

(Who are we kidding?

I don’t always bring the book.)





He’d never built anything before and aside from a few minor boo boos, it turned out very well.

The first floor was meant to house the riding lawn mower, 2 motorcycles, 3  push mowers, 2 weed wackers, a snow blower and other assorted tools.

That was why we built it. Because our old barn/shed is falling apart and we have no where else to put all those things.





When I say falling apart… I mean literally falling.

Needless to say the barn did not go up quickly. It was worked on nights and weekends…. and from the first footer to now?




7 years.

And it’s still not really finished.

Last weekend the husband was back at it, putting up interior walls.




Of course there’s a problem with the construction taking that long.

It gave the husband time to fill the barn with crap.

So much crap that not only is there no room for the lawn mowers and motorcycles…

There’s now barely enough room for him to put up walls.





And that literally makes me twitch.



Why do you see an office chair, a microwave, a water cooler, a wagon wheel, a fold up bed, 2 metal wheelchair ramps, a driftwood tree and a card table in there?

Because someone was throwing them away….

And they were free.



Not pictured are 3 front doors, 2 locked safes without combinations, a potato planter, an 8 track tape player and a scale for weighing bags of grain.

Will he be planting potatoes or weighing grain bags while listening g to 8 track tapes?


Will he be replacing our front door?

Hell no.

But apparently knowing he could is enough.


32 thoughts on “This literally makes me twitch.”

  1. Oh my gosh, this made me twitch too! We have a three-car garage–with NO SPACE for vehicles! Why? We have loads of lumber and doors and furniture that I will never like, and a complete set for a wheelchair ramp in case we need it someday–all of this was free because someone was throwing it away. Every time I go in there, I wonder if we have aspirin in the house in the event it triggers a heart attack.

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    1. Bingo! Which is why I try to limit my barn visits. The cellar has made me cringe for years, but the fact that we spent so much money and time building this now crap filled space makes it even worse.


  2. It’s a really cool looking barn, and it still has room out front to read and relax. I like how your blog is designed now, too. I don’t know if I missed it earlier or not, but it looks great.

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  3. All you do is pick on the poor hubby–don’t you know he is doing this for your own good?? All this is just for you so that when he dies all these collectibles will be worth millions and you can get yourself a boy toy worthy of you!!

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  4. I am utterly amazed at the number of neighbors near me who fill their garages so full of crap that they can’t, you know, put their vehicles in there. I mean, I’m a hoarder, but by golly, after years and years of parking on the street, I was tickled pink to finally be able to put my car in its own little shelter. I guess to some people, the storage space for junk is more important than driving a car with bird crap and hail dents all over it….


  5. Myself being more of a purger than a collector, I twitch with you. My husband was a terrible packrat before me, and I am happy to say I have tempered that over time. For instance, today, when I asked him to put the luggage away, he decided it should live in our closet and not in the garage. Okay. Well, he had all kinds of UNUSED exercise stuff where he wanted to put the luggage. Now, I have asked him numerous times if he still needed that stuff (collecting dust) because duh, he goes to the gym about three years now, so…. but he would say yes every time. Today, he removed that stuff to the garage, whereas I rather hoped he’d plop it all in the bin.
    I have organized the garage twice. It’s not my space. He keeps saying he’ll do it. I don’t bring it up. It’s not my space. I have a shed. Strangely, he keeps HIS mower in MY shed, but whatever, my shed is super tidy and that’s fine. I have plenty of space. When the stuff starts to creep into my shed, we’ll have problems…

    It really is a beautiful barn. Truly. I have barn envy, yo.

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    1. I had the same problem. When we moved into this house we divided the huge basement, the small room for my holiday decorations… all tidy and packed in tubs… the huge open section for him. He filled it with crap in a few years. I cleaned and organized and freed up space. He filled it again. This went on for 10 years. I no longer organize. Matter of fact I avoid the basement altogether. And I refuse to organize the barn. As long as he stays off my porch!

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  6. LMAO @ the last sentence in your piece. 😂😂😂

    In all seriousness though erecting that barn took a whole lot of time and not to mention discipline. And it is beautiful. You have the best husband for him to have endured such a commitment and see it through to the end (well, almost the end). He’s a good man.

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