Because I promised I would….



Love ’em or hate ’em, you have to admit they’re marvelously clever and acrobatic creatures. Entire industries are built on deterring them from raiding our bird feeders, but squirrels?

They train for it.



Personally, I enjoy their antics and figure anyone who works that hard deserves a few seeds and nuts.

So as promised, here are a few of my favorite shots over the years.

When we moved to our house in 2002 it was a wasteland of gardenless grass, so I stuck a quick pole in the ground with a feeder.




It didn’t take long for a squirrel to find it.




Reaching it was a little harder.




But eventually he got there.




Although he had a hard time accessing the seed…




It didn’t beat him.




And he happily ate hanging upside down.




Mind you, we have a large open backyard and the winds blow like downtown Chicago so a lot of the feeders actively swing.




Which is what this one was doing. Back and forth, back and forth, with a squirrel happily perched inside and enjoying the ride.




This one didn’t mind sharing the feeder with an orange.

He just used it as a cushion.




Here’s another upside down eater.


048 (640x480)


Maybe he was raiding seed…maybe he was doing handstands.

Tough call.


045 (640x480)


Either way, I’m in awe of the leg muscle it takes to hang like that.




This feeder posed a challenge at first.




And for a while all he could do was hug it.




But after a day or two?




Upside down munching.





Is there anything they can’t do?



Apparently not.


29 thoughts on “Because I promised I would….”

  1. One time Mrs WDS and I toured Europe for four months.

    When asked, “What DO you think about if not: navigating, where we are, what we are doing,…”

    Mrs WDS replied, “Squirrels.”

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  2. It took me posting I don’t know how many pictures of squirrels eating upside down for me to come to the V8 moment that, duh, if squirrels are latched onto something, they pretty much HAVE to eat upside down unless they’re gonna eat with their feet. They’ve got some pretty darned strong esophaguses (esophagii?)

    And YAY for the first of what I’m sure will be many more posts full of squirrel pictures! I hope you have one of a squirrel eating seed while hanging upside down of a deer’s antlers…

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  3. I love these little guys, they are so cute! My parents don’t think so because they raid their garden, but only ever once in a while. The neighbor feeds them and my mom and dad don’t like that either. But I’ve told them either she feeds them or the little guys eat ALL your garden, lol.

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  4. Be the first to know–in this week’s People Magazine “GOT viewers can cruise to Westeros: in 2020 fans missing the series (YOU!) can set sail on Cruise Croatia’s GOT themed ship that will stop at filming locations for KIng’s Landing, Qarth, Braavos and the Westeros Riverland.”

    Maybe the squirrels, the woodchuck and hubby–because you feed them so well—will get the fare together so you can go!?!??

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  5. River, we have brown squirrels where I live and when I visited my brother in Chicago, I noticed the squirrels there were silvery gray. Yours look mostly silvery gray with a hint of brown. Interesting. I mean…”and now here’s something I hope you’ll really like!” Ah, now I’m nostalgic for Rocky and Bullwinkle! Great pics! Mona

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    1. We have grey squirrels, which are pictured here. We also have the destructive little red squirrels. I don’t photograph those. More often than not I’m chasing them away from our house.


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