Things I like today.


1.  Kicking back on the barn porch on a summer evening after a long day of mowing and trimming the lawn?





Margarita in a can?

Not so much.




But it’s alcohol.. with a view.

So I like.


2.  With a shout out to Mona at  Wayward Sparkles  who introduced me to this marvelous piece of mechanical engineering)

I read her blog and thought, damn…. I have to have one.

And then I thought, gifts!

So I had to have 2 more.




Are you all here?






A bell you can ring to summon the elixir of the Gods.

In pink no less!

I believe this little darling will be getting quite a work out at Casa River.

If only I could order the hot cabana boy to go with it…

I like.


And finally, ladies…

Do you have old, dry wood?

No, I’m not talking about your husbands.




We have stained wood moulding,  doors, window frames and sills, and built in stained bookcases etc. basically every piece of trim is unpainted wood. They’re original to the house and tend to dry out/fade from sunlight and winter heating.

So I found this on Amazon –




Half a bottle did 12 doors and frames, 5 windows and frames and 2 large tables.

It’s good stuff. Witness the before and after…




Brings back the shine and feeds your thirsty wood with very little effort.

I like.




Thank you..

Thank you very much.

23 thoughts on “Things I like today.”

  1. I wish I had more of the original wood in my old 1916 Schoolhouse. Then you could bring your half bottle and have at here………………….lol xooxox

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  2. We all need to thank Mona aka WaywardSparkles for showing us the way to Margaritaville in a can!!! That wood oil (no pun intended) looks like it does miracles, I’m going to look for it on Amazon. Out here it’s not so much the drying out but fading and all the use, like for my dining table and even for my bedroom set. Thanks River and thank you Mona for the oil and booze! lol

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    1. It’s weird stuff, has the consistency of hair gel… but my dry wood sucked it up. They say to wipe it off with a rag afterwards, but in my really dry faded stuff I left it on to soak in. Stayed tacky for a week, but eventually dried.
      As for the bell, I can’t wait to start dinging!

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  3. River,
    So is that a palm tree with morning wood? Clearly, she’s not a lady tree. I snorted coke through my nose when I saw that! No. Not that kind. The kind that burns. No. Again, not the white powdery kind, the kind that comes in a red can. Also, thanks for the shout out! Also…ding, ding, ding…may I have a frozen margarita now, please? Yes, I do like it with salt. Mona

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