The baby nightmare continues…


Baby barns.

Totally not worth the trouble.




When last we left our intrepid deconstructor, he had finished the back side of the main building and was moving around to the side.




Please note that his loyal wife and help mate was not thrilled to see a large pile of dirt growing ever larger on her lawn.




Problem #1 this past weekend?  The husband had so much  junk, crap, useless rusted nonsense   treasure stored in that section, he had no room to work.

Of course, he assured me it was all wonderful stuff.




I assured him it was not.




What? Why? How much….



I didn’t even want to know.




Yes…. that’s a filthy old door with a mail slot that weighs roughly 5,000 pounds.

No… I have no idea why he has it.




But if you need 2 rusted iron frames for your wooden wagon wheels?  He’s your man.

Although on second thought, he never parts with anything… ever. So I guess you’re out of luck.

You might have noticed this jewel in the previous photo…




I think it’s an ancient torture device from the early 14th century.

I know it damn near broke my back dragging it across the lawn to the big barn where it will now gather more cobwebs.

It’s days like these that I have to keep telling myself…




I really do.

Because otherwise? I’d kill him…

And I don’t think they’d let me blog from prison.






30 thoughts on “The baby nightmare continues…”

  1. We’ve moved so many times that it kept my crap-quotient down to a manageable level…anything that was still in the box from the previous move was sent off to Goodwill. But we’ve been in this place 9 years now, and the garage is starting to fill up. I think there’s a 12-step program…

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  2. “Baby barns. Totally not worth the trouble.” Other wives would be happy that their husbands aren’t playing with real ‘babes’!!

    PS Yes they have the Internet in prison–you may have to give the guard ‘something’ to use it but…….

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  3. Perfect gifs for this one.
    One time when my husband was deployed, I was cleaning out the garage and came across some old car parts. I wasn’t sure why we had them, so I posted them and asked if anyone knew what they were and should I keep them. Several men said I should keep them, they could be sanded, blah-blah. One guy asked if he could come pick them up. I decided to keep them and then when I finally got to talk to The Mister, he said to give them to the guy who wanted them, so I did. It’s all beyond me, but maybe if you start posting them on social media, you’ll get some of it gone? 😛 Haha!

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