A bridge too far.


It’s bad enough my husband stops at every yard sale he sees.




It’s bad enough he comes home from the dump with more than he went with.

It’s bad enough he built a giant barn and filled it with useless stuff before it was completed.




But what happened the other day?

Is a bridge too far.

We woke up, had a lovely breakfast, went outside and saw something on the barn porch. I didn’t think it was a good something…

But the husband dragged it inside before it could run away.








Someone left an old sewing machine.




Complete with original boxes of accessories….




And owners manual… with free mouse turd. Ack!

We have no idea who committed this heinous crime…. but when I find out?

They will feel my wrath.



The husband needs no help finding old worthless junk!

So please… I beg you.

Bypass our porch and take your crap to the dump next time!

(Though not the one in our town, or any neighboring towns where he’s apt to shop.)





45 thoughts on “A bridge too far.”

  1. My wife had two (working) treadle machines. She says she likes the motion of sewing on them. Maybe he could fix it up for you. The attachments are neat. They are such well designed mini-machines, they’re fascinating to study.

    Oh, sorry. I meant to say, who would do such a thing?!?!

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      1. Like I said…
        The person that left it on your doorstep thought of it as ugly, while your husband thought it was pretty.
        Any other comment you thought was fromme, is a forgery. – thats my story. 😉

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  2. Has hubby ever thought of taking some of his (what you call) junk on ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW? That antique sewing machine, for example, might be worth a small fortune, and then he’d be able to needle you for not appreciating his taste in junk. Go ahead, take a chance and encourage him! You have nothing to lose but your pride!

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  3. Obviously all your posts about hubby’s junk has gotten the word out. Now they are just dropping stuff on your porch. Who’s really to blame here? I’m not going to say who because I want you to still visit my junk pile of a blog, but (cough…cough…) it’s (cough…) you. 🙂

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  4. Hah! I so enjoying your writing. I used to be like your husband. My husband said my wife would walk through fire to get to a garage sale. Then I read Marie Kondo’s book about tidying up, and became a minimalist. Shocking, I know, but so much less stuff to organize now.

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