Lead, follow or….. well, you know the drill.


I think we’ve had this conversation before, but if you’re a business…. hawking vitamins, web design, crptyocurrency, pet meds and/or ways to increase my readership…. I will drop your follow-ship like a hot rock.




I don’t need an inflated follower count and am perfectly happy with old fashioned bloggers who rather read and interact than sell me something.

So, yay me.




I’ve been zapping people left and right lately, and I’m sorry…..




But sex young girls love you can find here?

You didn’t make the cut.




No, not really.

InTheNameOfSeitan gave me pause…..




Until I learned Seitan just means wheat gluten.


That could have gone bad quickly.

25 thoughts on “Lead, follow or….. well, you know the drill.”

  1. Congrats on the 500 mark! I don’t get weird followers, I just get their spam comments. BTW, what was the URL for that sex young girls love you can find here place? I just want to report them of course.

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  2. Yep, getting the trick birthday cake candle ones where you delete it and they return within days. They must be bots, no amount of deleting them from my side is going to work so eventually I run out of effs to give about it.
    I don’t bother with visible follower number on the widget… I might if I get as popular as you though!

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      1. No! You have mainly adoring fans, I’m sure. Whereas I can boast one of the best Vitamin-seller followed blogs on the whole internet. No chance of it getting infected, not with that many nutritional supplements keeping it nourished.

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  3. What I really hate are the “empty” sites. You go to check them out and there is absolutely nothing there.
    AND just an minutes ago someone followed my site, I go to theirs and find out the site has been archived or suspended for violations.
    Umm… okay. That was fast.

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  4. Congrats on 500 followers. The fact that you’re aware of that mile-stone shows me that you’re much younger than I (but then, who isn’t?). At my age, I don’t know or care how many more than 500 followers I have because I stopped checking when the number surpassed my years.

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  5. I sell nothing nor do I want to be sold to. It’s very simple. I often stop following blogs because they have ads on them which detracts from the joy of reading them. Which is what I want when it comes to personal blogging: joy, dammit.

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