Ah… spring.

Spring in Maine looks a little different than most places….

Because we woke up to this today.

We didn’t have nearly enough snow this winter, but now? Almost a flippin’ foot fell overnight.

Daffodils and tulips?

Not quite yet.

And because all that heavy wet snow knocked out our satellite feed and someone can’t stand to be without the news for 5 minutes?



At 6:30 am.

Looks like fun, no?



29 thoughts on “Ah… spring.”

  1. We used to get 17″ of snow on St Pattys. We didn’t this year. We are getting it 1/2″ at a time every morning, melted and gone by noon only to wake up to it again the next morning. Yay.

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  2. Buy hubby something for his birthday that he’ll love — no ladder needed. The only problem might be that they’re made of aluminum and don’t rust (but hey, you don’t rust, and he loves you) 😉

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  3. Sometimes when we get a lot of rain (like we’re getting now–at this rate I’m pretty sure our new state flower is going to be the cattail) people will say, “Imagine if this were snow!”
    It doesn’t look so great. At least you’ve got your TV back, though.

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      1. Us, too. One year we had a snow day in April. That was a welcome surprise for my fellow teachers and I. The best thing about those is that two days later its melted and springlike again!

        Non-northerners don’t realize thing things we go through. 😉

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