I don’t want to talk about it.



I think we’ve established the fact that my husband will debate a tree stump….. which is probably why he goes to breakfast every Saturday with a group of local men who hold completely opposite views and harangue him as the odd man out over platters of scrambled eggs. He comes home sputtering and waving his arms…. expecting me to join in the discussion.

My reaction?




Thing is, I’ve always had friends from both sides of the aisles… and to be honest? For many years I neither knew nor cared how they voted or what their political opinions were.

But in today’s toxic world of Facebook and Twitter vitriol… this is impossible.

I now know how all my friends feel…. and how they want me to feel…. and how stupid they think I am if I don’t feel the same way.

It’s getting old.

The culture of division…. of red vs blue, right vs left, east vs west, ad nauseam… will ruin us. We’re one country and we’d better learn to find our commonality.

Like the Coronavirus.

It doesn’t care who you voted for. It will infect you no matter which side of the gun control argument you’re on.

That being said?

Here’s my solution:




I don’t want to argue politics.





34 thoughts on “I don’t want to talk about it.”

  1. I’m not one to debate politics because most people have no clear idea of what they think. They’ll cite anecdotal evidence, sound bites, and propaganda as if they’re explaining things. I tire of that kind of jibber jabber quickly, so I’ll join the Cocktail Party with you where libations are a policy statement.

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  2. Get out of my head! I was literally laying in bed this morning 15 minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off wondering when people will realize we are not bound by a two party system.

    I’ll join your cocktail party but unfortunately I can’t pay my dues. 😦

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  3. They have forgotten in this 2 party system that there are those of us that think outside their narrow little boxes. They have also forgotten they WORK for US. And it’s time for them to stop thinking red/blue, elephant/JACKASS (sorry I can’t call that majestic creature anything but what it is and I wish they’d pick a new mascot like a skunk. And this in NO way tells you which one I am because I don’t fit in their narrow boxes) Anyway….it’s time for them to get their crappola together and start fixing all the stupid crap they have messed up. (I had a stronger work that messed but this is a family show) I’m tired of them sounding like 3 year olds fighting in the sandbox over the worthless toys. They need to GROW THE HELLO UP!

    *picks up soap box, tucks it under her arm, grabs her marble and goes home*

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