Never let your husband bag the groceries.


We had to run to the grocery store for a prescription last night and I figured while we were there I’d pick up a few things.

They were still out of paper products, water and flour….




But all I wanted was fresh fruit and veggies anyway.

When we got to the check out line…. with the reusable bags no Mainer is ever without… we were told a new policy of self bagging had been implemented, so the husband happily jumped right in.

Yes, he put the bananas on top of the bread… and the apples on top of the lettuce but it wasn’t until we got home that the real fun began.

Did I buy oil?

No, but a large bottle came home with us.

Did I buy pistachios?

No, but they came home with us as well.

And while it was bad enough the husband rounded up and bagged someone else’s groceries? He also packed this in our bag….



Hand sanitizer.

But not another shopper’s sanitizer.




He lifted one of the store use bottles they keep at each register.

Do not let your husband bag groceries.



38 thoughts on “Never let your husband bag the groceries.”

      1. Why didn’t I think of Arionis’ joke? Maybe it’s not as bad as mine usually are, but I’m jealous anyway.
        Anyway, you’d better make hubby start paying attention to what you’re buying, otherwise he might bring the whole cart home next time (especially if it’s rusty).

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      1. But don’t feel so sad about it, even trained professionals can make mistakes. My wife does curbside pick up (used to) grocery shopping and things sometimes get “added” to her shopping bags. – accidentally of course.

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  1. Mark is excellent at packing groceries to the point of being OCD about it. He lines everything up on the belt in the order he wants it packed and he’s been known to hover over the baggers to try to keep things the way he wants. Then he’ll rearrange things when we get to the car.

    One time, we had a bagger that impressed Mark so much, he nearly cried.

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