Wiped out.


A girlfriend told me she went shopping yesterday and still couldn’t find any toilet paper on the shelves. My usual reaction to this is an eye roll and an under the breath sputter of “people be crazy”…. but this time I thought I’d do a little research.




It’s not an intestinal virus FFS! Why is everyone still hoarding the Charmin?



The average American uses 141 rolls a year?

Christ on a cracker, that’s 2.71 rolls a week… per person! My husband and I have only used 2 rolls in the last 3 weeks…. together.

What are you people doing with it….

Wallpapering the bathroom while you sit?


Panic Room…

2020 style.


I was 9 years old during the embargo, so can someone please explain why toilet paper prices were raised? Did people use it as an alternate energy source?

If so, how many miles per roll did it get?

And speaking of alternatives….


A million dollars worth of bidet attachments in a day.



Take that Cottonelle!

So concludes my treatise on toilet paper.

But let me leave you with this… when you’re a writer researching a topic for an article? I’m not sure it gets any better than being able to quote a source named Tushy.

38 thoughts on “Wiped out.”

  1. The amount that is used (or in some cases wasted) is determined by the quantity AND quality of what one is eating.
    My teenage children eat garbage. Garbage in — Garbage out


  2. Despite the absence of tp in stores, there was a Bounty (pun intended) of paper towels last time I shopped….but there’ll probably be a shortage of that too as soon as people realize they can wipe their rears with “The Quicker Picker-Upper” (soon to be also known as THE QUICKER POOPER UPPER).

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  3. I would say people started hoarding it initially because they weren’t sure, at the beginning, whether they’d be able to get out again to get any. When all this started, I don’t think any of us knew whether we’d be able to leave our houses or whether anything would be left open. And because of the way the supply chain works, it’s going to be quite a while before it gets back to normal.

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  4. My local Holiday market was COMPLETELY stocked with TP yesterday. I was shocked. I didn’t need any so I didn’t buy any, but the secret of their success is notable: one package per customer. No hoarding allowed. Christ, other stores, be on board with this.

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  5. We bought a package about a month ago and we’ve barely dented it. We’re FOUR OF US and I’m the only one who goes to work, so I’m the only one who goes someplace else at times, and three of us sit to pee and don’t shake to dry, so yeah, WTF are people using it for?!?

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  6. My understanding of the shortage is that back when Covid-19 first started spreading in China, it wiped out a toilet paper factory and they had to close down. Turns out this company supplies North America, and so everyone lost their minds and started buying it all up. THAT’S where all this originated. 🙂


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