Pandemic chuckles.


Because I’d rather laugh than scream.




Neither did I.

If I had, I might still have the hangover.



Even I have to admit, that is a good deal.




Which shows it really is all about perspective.



Seems like a reasonable answer.



It’s alright.

I’ll salute him either way.



And that is the truth!

At least around here…

16 thoughts on “Pandemic chuckles.”

  1. It’s funny all the odd brands of toilet paper I’m seeing at the grocery store…

    And, they are forcing people to go to the customer service desk to get yeast… But, at least there is yeast available…

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  2. I thought Trump would be the one revealed to be behind the Corona virus….until I remembered he said he takes no responsibility. Well, at least that’s one thing he said that we can believe.

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