Come on people….


Get a grip.

I made a trek to the grocery store today where I was met with the same empty ‘oh my God the sky is falling and we’ll never be able to buy dish soap again’ shelves.

Yes, dish soap.




Good grief, are we still doing this?

By all means wear a mask to protect others.



IMG_E3630 (2)


Preferably color coordinated to your shirt.

But enough with the ‘we must fill the underground bunker with every canned good in a 600 mile radius’ mentality.

The news squawks about meat shortages…. but the cases were full of every conceivable type of flesh imaginable.

But rice?




Unless you want red quinoa brown…. which I didn’t, and never will ….. no can do.




Tolerant chick pea and green lentil pasta?

No, damn it! I have no tolerance for that.




Toilet paper? Nope.

Not unless you’re supposed to use those strategically placed plastic loofahs.

Look… there’s one shaped like an ice cream cone!

That has possibilities.




The lack of eggs was definitely a new development.

When I spoke with the cashier she assured me that they do get regular deliveries and stock the shelves as they always have. No one has an explanation for the continued panic buying after all this time.

It really is getting old, as well as ridiculous.




36 thoughts on “Come on people….”

  1. Doesn’t the store put a limit on how many items you can buy? Our stores have made paper products and certain meats limited to two items per family. Pretty much the only thing that has had empty shelves is the hand soap, but I had no trouble finding that at a different store.

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  2. Do they limit how much you can buy of the in-demand items? We’ve had limits on everything from toilet paper and cleaning supplies to chicken breasts and sausage patties. Pretty much, if you think you want to hoard something you’re doing it one or two at a time.

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  3. We went through the no eggs scenario a few weeks ago, but now they’re back. I know that I’ve read about meat shortages, but have yet to experience any. If nothing else these weird shortages make for good blog post fodder.

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    1. If another lockdown is necessary, so be it. The fault will be on irresponsible public who refuse to wear masks and stop gathering/traveling. Don’t take it seriously? Pay the price. Sad that all of us have pay it as well.


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