And we’re working…


Broken toe and all I was assisting…. to which my lovely flip flop tan lines can attest.



I was staining. And photographing the husband sanding over the two planks he just had me stain.



He has a very organized work plan.


Am I organized?



Screws and washers laid out, paired and waiting to be used.

So yes, damn it…. I am.



But a railing was installed.



And measuring was done.



I would say not enough measuring by the looks of the piece of wood he replaced when I was in the house.



He tried to tell me it was always like that, but what really happened was this – he removed a section of rotted beam, didn’t have one to replace it… but did have a small 2×4 he thought would do just as well when turned sideways.

Did it match? No.

Was it long enough? No.

But he graduated from the school of  I’m Not Going To The Store To Buy A New Piece When I Have An Old Piece Under The Barn.

His defense rests.



He promised to “stick a little piece in later” but I doubt that will be an improvement.

*Please note there is a bright yellow 21rst century tool on the deck in the fifth picture. I placed it there hoping the husband would put it to use, but I’m sure you know how that turned out. *

16 thoughts on “And we’re working…”

  1. I just inherited a sander from my friend across the street and I’m thinking of sanding and re-staining the top boards of my railing because they got a little grooved when I pressured off the old stain. I hate myself for wanting to do it because the best feeling I had all year was the moment I was done staining my deck. But, I (a) have a ton of stain left over, (b) have a sander now, and (c) am running out of excuses.

    Can I just say “it’s too hot to do that right now”?

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