Just what we needed.


Into an already packed to capacity barn….



Came this:



A pool table that our  soon to be ex  friends couldn’t wait to get rid of.



Have you ever tried to lift a pool table?



If not, I don’t recommend it.

F*cker be heavy.



Our friends were so eager to see the back side of this thing they also gave us 2 little wheeled platforms to assist in it’s departure.



Which were great, until the table had to be picked up off of them.



So there it sits.

Now….and for the foreseeable future. ( Which should be read as forever, or until I can find some other unsuspecting friend to pass it off on )

It will sit there, a constant reminder of the fact that my husband can not pass up anything that is free.


No matter how big and how useless.

But look….



It also came with a free stand, free cue sticks, ( Miller Lite? That abomination has got to go! ) free bags of balls and numerous free tacky game room signs.



What’s not love?


40 thoughts on “Just what we needed.”

  1. Um………..that should be set UP not on its side. Or it will be garbage soon. At least that’s what I was always told. Because it’s so heavy it will mis-align it’self. (go wonky and be uneven)

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  2. Well, it will bring out the pool hustlers and you will figure out quickly who likes to win the game and who is a good sport. At least, you are not playing pool on the video game as that would take away from it. I will have to ask theearthspins about getting one or maybe just going out more often when COVID leaves the states.

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  3. I’m an occasional pool player and great fan of billiards–especially billiards history. After all Minnesota Fats lived in the Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville for several years, and the university I went to had a great pool room in its basement run by a funny old gnome named Tom.
    He always set aside one particular antique table for me. Most pool tables have a base of a quarter inch of solid slate which is part of why they’re so heavy. The one Tom reserved for me had slate a full inch thick.
    Fortunately it was never offered to your husband. I can’t imagine moving it.

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  4. Those suckers ARE heavy. My mom couldn’t believe it when my dad insisted the pool table be moved to their new (retirement) home – he never played it!!! I think there are even companies you can hire to move them – kinda like piano movers.

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    1. I don’t play pool, and have no desire to learn. My husband plays well but infrequently. (read – once a year if that) This table will just be another piece of junk to pile junk on.

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  5. I love this post . . . it makes me feel so good about our LACK of a barn filled to the rafters with STUFF. 😀

    Although we had a pool table in our last house and LOVED it. Especially at parties. Your barn would be perfect with a Ping Pong table, that Pool table, and a BAR!

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