I got a few of them the other day.



One was how quickly the husband managed to junk up the few clear spaces of big barn floor we’d worked so hard to find.



After all these years it shouldn’t surprise me, but it did.

Here’s a new addition he must have smuggled in when I wasn’t looking.



The next surprise was how he expected me to help him clear floor space in there again because…. are you ready for it?

He was bringing home a pool table.





And for the love of all that’s holy…. why?

Yes, a pool table.

Where? I have no idea. Because unless it measures 4×6 inches it’s not going to fit.

Why? Because his friend’s wife wanted it gone and it was free.

* Insert giant eye roll here*

So we tried to clear room…



But since the husband won’t part with anything? We just ended up with wider paths.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough….

The final surprise of the day came when he opened the big barn doors and found this:



See it?



A giant squirrel nest.

No more wondering where momma squirrel went.

That bitch has been busy.



You would not believe how much crap tumbled out of that small space.



And btw…. remember how I blamed the baby woodchucks for ripping the stuffing out of my porch furniture?



I was wrong.



There it was, providing fluffy bedding for the revolting red rodent and her brood.

I seriously hate that squirrel.

32 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. I just had to make the obvious observation: I think Army is a lot neater. Thinking of my husband. I am Navy and we go with the flow, mostly..except for bees nest and then we call them out and slithering snakes. No offense intended, all in good fun! Good morning. Although growing up, my father did have a pool table in our 2 story barn and it was fun. Sold with everything included.

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