Because my husband knows how to show a girl a good time.


Never let it be said life with my husband is dull.



Take the other day for example…. he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride up the coast.

Envisioning a leisurely scenic drive along the crystal blue ocean, I jumped at the chance.



This is where we ended up.

A salvage yard.



And it’s a testament to how much I love that man that I was actually thrilled.



Thrilled that he was willing to throw a few things out and not dump pick to add to his collection.




It’s funny that way.



Although what this sign was originally warning against I’m sure I don’t know.


Oreo cows ahead?

30 thoughts on “Because my husband knows how to show a girl a good time.”

  1. Obviously, the sign was warning about novice ninja cows. White belts are always given to the beginners.

    That first thing hubs was tossing looked like it could have been repurposed into a foot stool (perhaps that’s what it was), I would have kept that.

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    1. Ninja cows! Now I totally want to find out where that sign was posted.
      The object he threw out was an extremely rusted base to a wood stove we never owned. Though I’m glad he didn’t see the footstool potential…..

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    2. Okay, this was funny! Maybe they never made it to yellow belt ninja because they were unable to kick high enough? The word “repurpose” should not be used around her house. It only encourages more piles.

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