Because I can only say it here…


(And not to my husband, though I want to. I really want to!)

Planting apple trees in excessive summer heat, during a drought?

Not a good idea.



A week afterwards?



Most of them look like this…. and I simply have to say it before I burst.

I told you so!



It’s been crazy hot and dry. Our lawn is turning brown and crunching underfoot.

Not exactly prime transplanting conditions.



But he wouldn’t listen… so now we have 9 almost dead twigs.



And before you say it, I have watered them.

I purchased three 100′ foot expandable hoses strictly for that purpose.

I added them to my original 100′ foot hose and have repeatedly hauled the four 100′ foot hoses out to the far corners of our property watering the damned things.



One tree.

One in ten is all that looks healthy.

I told him!

But he wouldn’t listen.




30 thoughts on “Because I can only say it here…”

  1. Want some of our rain? For the last month our weather folks have stopped measuring the inches, and are now measuring the feet. I swear to Lordy that Mother Nature is trying to create another Gulf of Mexico, right between the Atlantic and the Current Gulf.

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  2. He is a hard worker. I wouldn’t rub it in but hope spring eternal that they will come back to life like my sunflowers did. Since my husband follows my blog, as I do his I can’t rub much in on the blog without being transparent. I look forward to my sunflower’s continued growth and seeing more falcons and my list becomes the husband’s to do list when I start something in the garden and that makes me happy.

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      1. Oh, I begin the work and then he comes to join me and this is good. Then, I kind of look hopeless. For example: today there was a pot which is now cemented to the ground to move and I couldn’t, so he was out there. He decided to build steps to reach the pot and the renovated tree trunk. Great idea!

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