It’s a miracle.


We started building our big barn in 2012.

It was a daunting task made all the more so by the fact we only worked on it nights and weekends.



It was a lot of work…. and though the husband is still actively working on the inside, he’s pretty much had it with the outside.

But the windows, porch door and corners were never trimmed out, and no soffit was put under the eaves.

So…. miracle of all miracles?

I finally talked him into letting me hire the job out.



Yes. It’s true.

Maybe he was feeling guilty. Maybe he had a stroke.

Either way,  when miracles happen you have to jump on board… so I’m getting estimates for it to be stained barn red with white trim as well. I’ve wanted it painted since day 1, but it’s been an ongoing battle.  Now…. because it’s weathering unevenly and is turning black in spots, I think I won.



Why don’t I paint it myself you ask?

Because big barn is too frickin’ big.



This was the apparatus needed to put the siding on years ago.



Ladder to staging to another ladder?

Oh hells no. Not this chick.

I know all this work is going to cost a fortune, but I’m past the point of caring and just want it done.



I’m going to keep the porch natural though, and put a lightly tinted sheer stain on that myself.


And to think it only took 8 years to talk him into it.

26 thoughts on “It’s a miracle.”

  1. Barn red is way too cliche. Should stain it natural, bring out the original color…but that is not what I want to say…I want to say this: he has not conceded until the new hires are physically on the job.

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    1. The wood is too far gone and black for natural stain. Had we done that a decade ago it would have been lovely. So barn red it will be, cliche or no.
      But you’re right, I’m not counting my chickens until I see a paint brush in professional hands.

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  2. Down here in Tennessee and surrounding areas you’ll often see bright red barns with “See Rock City” on their roofs–wait, should that be rooves? I think the owners get paid to advertise a local tourist tra–I mean attraction.
    You may be a bit far north but still as long as you’re painting the barn red maybe you could make a little money back.

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