More stuffing.


When you’re doing a lot of stuffing?

You need a lot of stuff.



Truck loads full of stuff.



Stuff that needs to be dragged across the porch….



Through the little door… (because the big doors are temporarily blocked)



Stuff that has to be carefully maneuvered past all the other indoor stuff….



And stored amongst useless piles of other stuff.

(Yes, that’s a giant metal chicken. It was a gift I can’t seem …or want… to find a place for.)



Once the stuff was in the building, stuffing resumed.

Although there was a bit too much stuff in the way.

So stuff was moved from here..



To here….



But then that stuff was in the way of the temporarily blocked doors and it’s stereo.

Stuff blocking the power button?

No problem.



A pool cue reaches over the massive pile of stuff.

Feel free to roll your eyes.

58 thoughts on “More stuffing.”

      1. The only time I ever really got away with that was when we moved. Husband came ahead for the job and I had to pack up our belongings.
        Is it my fault some were misplaced…? No.

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  1. These photos remind me of my father who liked his stuff, too. He’d admire and congratulate your husband on finding and keeping this stuff. Gentlemen who hoard are a gang unto their own. 🙄

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      1. I blame his mother and uncle. They came to visit us (and our uncluttered house) back in the 90’s down south and all they wanted to do was flea market and antique shop.
        They infected my husband… and he’s still sick.

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  2. So other than your sheer dismay at that crap, sorry stuff being moved around, I’ve thus far seen a huge metal chicken, a bag of Lush cosmetics and a wooden….tree or whatever that thing is. The hubs is bound and determined to have his crap filled man cave…..yes, ginormous eye roll going on here….🙄

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    1. We… or more accurately I… have been planning a yard sale for years. My small stash was under the stairs waiting, because the husband said he would add to it with some of his things. Now, they’ve been blended in with all his crap from all the constant moving.
      But to clarify – the Lush bag is empty and was being saved to let yard sale customers fill it.
      The giant chicken was a gift I didn’t want, and hell… it isn’t going to fit in my closet.
      The driftwood tree was made by a friend who was going to throw it out. And we all know my husband won’t stand for that.

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      1. Wait….what? River, from Casa River who loves, adores and worships chickens doesn’t want that giant metal chicken!?! What’s going on here!? You didn’t want a metal chicken for your…, yard or wherever one would put a giant metal chicken? 🐔

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  3. (Yes, that’s a giant metal chicken. It was a gift I can’t seem …or want… to find a place for.) <—-I know where it can go!!! Seriously!!!


  4. I noticed that the clock on the wall below the pool cue-reachable stereo is somewhat blocked by “stuff”. Which means someone is trying to keep you from realizing just how long you’ve been trapped in the barn. Hubby is trying to gaslight you! Run! Or maybe not. Because it’s hot. And running sucks…

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