A little more stuffing.


There’s stuffing everywhere.



But one side of the ceiling was finished, complete with new light fixtures.



Were they properly measured and equally spaced?



They were not… which drives me to distraction every time I look at them. But no one was fried to a crisp and they actually work, so we’ll take our blessings where we find them.



Stuffing then moved to the other side.



And things started piling up on my porch, which will not be tolerated.



Wires for the other side were moved.



And strung amongst the stuff.

Yes, there are 5 doors leaning up against the wall.

Do we need 5 extra doors?

I think you know the answer to that by now…..



19 thoughts on “A little more stuffing.”

  1. My father had stored four “extra” interior doors in his garage for over 30 years. After he died, my mother asked if I could clean “all that stuff” out so she could park her car in the garage. I brought those doors home. I stored them for 10 more years. Today, they are hanging in our basement family room.

    Sorry, I guess this isn’t helpful.

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  2. Your husband is handy with all the stuffing. Many of us have stuff to get done but no barn. I am reminded of my brothers playing basketball in our big barn and my father telling them to do the chores and get stuff done. None of us bought a farm again.

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  3. You misspelled “Stuffing”. It is spelled “i-n-s-u-l-a-t-i-o-n”. Lights should be placed in such a way that those areas that need more/less are accommodated. Sometimes this is not “even”, so I expect your OCD will be triggered every time you enter the room. I know, because mine was triggered when I looked at the picture.

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    1. I like all my ducks in a row… assuming I can find them.
      And I’d like to give him credit for carefully measuring the amount of light needed in a particular space. I’d like to, but we both know I can’t.


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