23 thoughts on “Pandemic humor”

      1. Probably? At last count I had 7 anthills in my back yard. I asked them to find a new place to live, but they ignored me. I think there are more ants in my back yard than the number of people in the world. They aren’t trying to get into the house, so I guess they’ll be there till I die, or move.

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  1. Since the political conflating of the term global warming and MAN MADE global warming, I don’t know whether to attack or not. If it is simply global warming with no histrionics, I agree. It is real. If it is an overhyped definition of man-made global warming, my tendency is to go Meh.

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      1. I use them all interchangeably. First it was nuclear winter. Then global cooling. Then global warming, Then climate change … all from the same people! 🙂


      2. Where I live in northern Canada, I too can tell you our climate is changing, not for the better. I don’t care what is causing it (though I do believe it is us!), but if nothing gets done to ameliorate it, humans are not going to be happy.

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