27 thoughts on “The return of Name That Crap…”

  1. It looks like simething used for turning or tightening of untightening something. Only I cannot imagine what. You put the slot over whatever, then use the metal part as a handle to turn it somehow.

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      1. But what is the specific usage, that is the question? Given the height or length of the tool, it has to be something in a hard-to-reach place, but yet a place wide enough that a hand might reach in if the access were wide enough.So I am thinking a narrow access, but so far I cannot imagine what it would be access to. The reason I thought the arm was metal is because it is not a steaight line, as a wooden arm would be expoected to be. I imagined great pressures being applied. But, being as that arm is wooden, i am going to go out on a limb and say the tool is from an old sailing vessel, and the tool was used to twist rope around to either shorten or lengthen the billow of the sail. Being a prairie boy, sailing ships are unknown to me, but this could be a possible use.

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      2. Y3t I try to imagine anyway. How long before you tell us the truth. I am trying to combine by “correct usage guess” with Rusty’s “Sleep tight” clue but the only thing I can come up with is a bed hanging from the ceiling that needed to be lowered every night. But how many of those ever existed?

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