34 thoughts on “Name That Crap 2”

  1. From the top, it looks like I don’t know what.
    From the side view, I haven’t a clue.
    From the back, it looks like it’s set to attack.
    All of which would suggest I failed the crap test.

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  2. Questions:
    1) Does the part that is shaped vaguely like a 2 move or turn?
    2) Is the glass piece solid or hollow? If hollow, is there an opening to receive a liquid?
    3) Are there any screw or nail holes anywhere?
    4) Can the glass piece be moved away from the metal piece it seems to be attached to, or is the conbection permanently in that position?

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      1. Then the only thing I can see “at this moment” is an early form of door-knocker. Except, it would be too easy to steal, so that rules door-knocking out. The hook look like it sits on a bar, or something, but it is off-center, and would probably not hang straight down. I guess my next question beomes, do you know its orientation when being used. Is the glass up, down, or sideways?

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  3. I knew what it wa, when I wore a younger man’s clothes. Now, I’m so busy feeding and watering my Alzheimer’s that I can’t remember. 😳
    A pot-lifter of some sort?? The wire thingy rotates and locks something in. 😕

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  4. I thought the glass was important for measuring something like colour dipping or something. But maybe it’s something that pulls something out of somewhere hot? Metal would transmit the heat and wood might catch fire – I’ve no idea of glass melting point but maybe colour would change if it was at melting heat. I’m looking forward to answer. These are fun!

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    1. Congrats, SCA . Now, exactly how would it be manipulated to do that job? I’m not sure I would want to hold it by hand to hang it into a liquid to test melting heats. Glass melts at 1400° to 1600° C, temperatures I would not want to be anywhere near something like that.

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