The essence of innocence.


There’s only one part of our house His Lordship is not allowed to enter and that’s the cellar. Naturally it’s the one place he’s dying to go.

Our cellar is a 2,000 square foot nightmare of my husband’s crap treasure. There’s so much stuff down there you can barely navigate the space. It’s dirty, covered in dust and cobwebs and has been known to house the occasional mouse. For this reason, I laid traps and poison bait blocks. And for that reason, it’s off limits to Dudley. I make sure the door is securely closed every single day.

My husband? Not so much. I continually warn him Lord Dudley Mountcatten is a clever beast and will pry open the door if it’s not shut properly. In typical male fashion he scoffs at my worry.

You know where this is going, right?

We came home from shopping the other day, after my spouse had been in the cellar that morning, to this:



A cobweb and pink insulation covered cat standing close to the partially open cellar door.



Who… me?

No, I didn’t go down to the off limits cellar. Why do you ask?


24 thoughts on “The essence of innocence.”

  1. I’m impressed he came out on his own. Betty got down in our basement, 1,000 square feet of dirt and darkness. It took about ten minutes to catch the reflection of her eyes and another twenty for Cathy to coax her near enough to pick her up.Good times.

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  2. A man as unwilling to admit he’s mistaken and as obstinate as your husband surely must be a Republican….and yet, you have said he’s a (liberal?) Democrat.How is this possible? 😉

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