Flea market miracle – the results.


My husband came home hot, tired and grumpy after his 14 hour long adventure at Todd’s Farm flea market in Massachusetts. (Why did he feel the need to travel two and half hours out of state to divest himself of treasure? Because we’d been there years ago and it was an impressive array of antiques with lots of wealthy buyers.) He had visions of selling everything for big bucks and coming home with an empty truck.

This did not happen, much to his… and most certainly my… chagrin.

From the start, the crowd was small. And those who were shopping didn’t seem to be buying.


From anyone. The husband was set up next to a veteran antique dealer who agreed it was a horrible day. Interestingly enough, he also said it was a horrible week, month and year.

Wouldn’t you know it? Just when my crap collecting spouse finally decides to get rid of some crap… the crap market bottoms out. He spoke to a dozen dealers as well as a large cross section of pickers making the rounds and they all said the same thing. The secondary antique market in New England is sick, dying, and pretty much dead.

Don’t get me wrong, hubby managed to sell probably a quarter of what he took… but he didn’t get anywhere near the prices he asked, and was surprised that it was all the low end items that sold. The nice, unique pieces returned home with him.

As did the beast. That 200 lb monstrosity of a scale I had to help him move… again.



And damn it, now it’s right alongside my car in the garage.

Husband was disappointed, but not quite ready to give up. He plans to try again at a flea market closer to home which is probably a good thing…. because since I refused to let all the crap back in the house, the table he set up to store it in front of the Harley is making parking in the garage a bit tight.



He did surprise me with one item though.

The wicker love seat his sister left in our barn 12 years ago. She didn’t want it and told him to get rid of it over a decade ago.



He finally did.


33 thoughts on “Flea market miracle – the results.”

  1. Free love seat, gotta love it. It’s great for sitting with the one you love or, if you’re not into all that love stuff, you can cut it up and get a dandy bundle of kindling. Eet eez, ‘ow you say, ze win-win, n’est pas?

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    1. Gas? Yes. And with his old truck that was considerable. Food? I sent him with a cooler full so that’s moot. Beer? He was too hot and tired to imbibe. Time? Probably not…


  2. Ouch….well he tried. Now he can try closer to home and maybe get some of those antiquarian items out of your house. That scale looks freaking heavy, why are you helping move it with your bad knees!?
    Yes, yes I know but still…..🙄.

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