It’s a problem.


Rusty old tools.

Magazines from the 1940’s.

Broken toys. Bottles.

Advertising ephemera.

Vintage fishing gear.

Among the other things my husband has been known to hoard? Food. More precisely… food that is near or past it’s expiration date and I’m threatening to throw out. When things disappear from the fridge? I assume he eats the items I have my eye on.

Turns out I’m wrong.



I found these on a recent clean out of the man cave/ Barn Mahal. I go out there every so often to water succulents, dust, sweep and generally straighten. I don’t usually check the beer fridge but one random glance told me I had work to do.

Pepperoni that expired September of last year? Check.

Frozen egg rolls from June 2021? Check.

And yes, I actually dumped beer because it was types neither of us like with use by dates in 2020.

My husband grew up poor in a large family and hates to waste anything or throw things out. But while I understand his desire for thrift?



Even he had a hard time arguing it was time to let go of this baggie of cheese slices.



If you can still call it cheese at this point.


22 thoughts on “It’s a problem.”

  1. WT everloving F with that cheese…

    The frozen items I can somewhat understand. A year or two past their expiration isn’t too big a deal, as long as they didn’t go through a freeze/thaw/refreeze cycle. But the frozen cheese is an abomination, and I’d say that even if I didn’t live in Wisconsin.

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  2. Eating too many leftovers of food hoarding can be dangerous to your health. Is there a garbage disposal or food bank nearby? At least for the non expired items….it must be hard to maintain a diet in your household.

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      1. I grew up with a mom who was living in New York City during the Depression. She was very thrifty, and I do understand that I don’t like to buy something and not use it. I hate to waste food, also.

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