35 thoughts on “Now this is winter!”

  1. Snow is just nature’s way of letting you know when Spring arrives. When the snow disappears, it is Spring (or, where I live, sometimes summer already)!
    Poor Ms Huntress never knows for sure what season it is. She has summer all year round. 😇

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      1. Yeah… no one expected this, not even forecasters, so no one was prepared. Plus some were Airbnb rentals – those people were planning for a weekend but stuck for 2wks. Stuff like that is why I have emergency kits + extra emergency food.

        I’m pretty sure authorities are going to find bodies once they reach the most remote cabins.

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  2. That’s awesome! Other than a few dirty piles in parking lots, there’s no snow left around here…

    …but they’ve issued a Winter Storm Watch for heavy snow Thursday night. Which means I’d better make sure the heated driveway is good to go for our move on Saturday!

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