Introduction drum roll, please.

I am:

A Yahoo 360 survivor, a Mash guinea pig, a Multiply orphan, and a Blogster refugee.

Clearly if I start blogging on a site, it will die…. so be warned WordPressers, I’m here.

The end is near.


I am also:

A sarcastic wench who speaks her mind.

A happily married, nature loving, camera crazy, motorcycle riding….


Environmentally friendly, reading obsessed free spirit who needs a place to blog about the irony of life.

A resident of the great state of Maine.

Land of Lobster…. which, by a cruel twist of fate, I came up allergic to 11 years ago and can no longer eat. (Not that it stops my husband from eating them in front of me, the rat bastard.)


I don’t do drama.

I tend to shy away from heated discussions about politics and religion, because no good ever comes from that.

I like chickens.

b 028

Yes, that’s a chicken under my Christmas tree…..


And on my couch….

Don’t judge.

I love history, traveling, flea markets, shoes and margaritas.

Not necessarily in that order.


And preferably with a view.

I’m offbeat, a little funky and can appreciate a twisted sense of humor.

I’ve been happily married to a retired Marine for 39 years.

IMG_9141 (Edited)

Yes, he snagged me young.

Marine Corps ball

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Me & Fred, wedding_0001

I enjoy meeting new people, and will gladly let you peek into my life if I can peek into yours.

Toys For Tots Run....

I blog…..therefore I am.

IMG_2640 (640x480)

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