So tell me, is this really necessary?



I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had any trouble finding the toilet at 3:00am and certainly don’t need it to glow neon blue like some freaky interplanetary transport system.


Rotating fluorescent colors?

Hell… if I want a rave, I can think of better locations than my bathroom.



Cleaning isn’t a problem?

The scrubbing bubbles may disagree.


Nailed it.


While adults are complaining about being shuttered at home with spouses….




And wondering if their favorite bar stool at the local pub is lonely with out them…

(okay, that might just be me)




The little people are suffering too.

No school, no play dates, no adventures.

The grand daughter of our heart is getting a kick out of receiving snail mail so along with cards to let her know we’re thinking of her….. I send a small gift now and then as well.




First was a cute little upside down teddy bear drinking glass.

But I think the second one was a bigger hit.





Nailed it.

It finally happened.


I swear I’ve cooked more meals in the last two months than I have in the previous six.

Virus quarantining means a lack of many things, but around here? A full plate isn’t one of them.

I never used to cook or eat breakfast. Now it’s blueberry banana pancakes and thick cut bacon.

I used to eat a light lunch. Now it’s cream of turkey and wild rice soup, a chicken Caesar wrap and a chocolate chip cannoli.

Four nights a week we used to have salad. Now it’s more likely to be a pot roast dinner with all the fixings.



We may not do much else, but damn it… we eat.

Which means I’m getting tired of cooking and craving some decent take out.

Our last two attempts were abysmal failures but we finally got lucky at a little local restaurant in the next town I never paid much attention to before.



Delectable, juicy, and dripping with sauce… these sweet and spicy Thai wings were pure ambrosia. I admit to sharing with the husband…. but only grudgingly.



There was also a stellar pizza called the Mainer. Garlic butter brushed crust with Italian sausage, bacon, onion, peppers, mushroom and olives.

I was thrilled.

I was ecstatic.

I may have drooled.

So yes, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say we’ll probably be repeating the process.


Come on people….


Get a grip.

I made a trek to the grocery store today where I was met with the same empty ‘oh my God the sky is falling and we’ll never be able to buy dish soap again’ shelves.

Yes, dish soap.




Good grief, are we still doing this?

By all means wear a mask to protect others.



IMG_E3630 (2)


Preferably color coordinated to your shirt.

But enough with the ‘we must fill the underground bunker with every canned good in a 600 mile radius’ mentality.

The news squawks about meat shortages…. but the cases were full of every conceivable type of flesh imaginable.

But rice?




Unless you want red quinoa brown…. which I didn’t, and never will ….. no can do.




Tolerant chick pea and green lentil pasta?

No, damn it! I have no tolerance for that.




Toilet paper? Nope.

Not unless you’re supposed to use those strategically placed plastic loofahs.

Look… there’s one shaped like an ice cream cone!

That has possibilities.




The lack of eggs was definitely a new development.

When I spoke with the cashier she assured me that they do get regular deliveries and stock the shelves as they always have. No one has an explanation for the continued panic buying after all this time.

It really is getting old, as well as ridiculous.