Just throwing this out there.


I rarely blog about anything religious or political.

I have friends on both sides of the aisle. Left and right, liberal and conservative, atheist and Christian. Thankfully I’m an adult who can agree to disagree without coming to blows.



I don’t engage in Twitter wars or Facebook diatribes.




Although truthfully, it’s been an eye opening experience to see how some of my oldest and dearest friends really feel.  Did I ever know them, know them?

Apparently not.

That being said, the recent attacks on women’s reproductive rights has me incensed enough to post this:





Okay, it’s a little in your face, but basically on point.

Sorry gentlemen, but if you could get pregnant? The world would have drive thru clinics on every corner.

Yes, I’m pro choice.

And I don’t want to start a 350 comment battle of hate on the issue of abortion. But my mother had an illegal back alley procedure in 1943. She was 20 years old, in love for the first time and very naive. The man she thought would marry her…. paid for her to take of it instead. The “doctor” used dirty instruments. She hemorrhaged, almost bled out and had to be rushed to the hospital with a raging infection. Years later, when she married my father and tried to have children… she had 5 miscarriages because of that awful experience. I was her 6th and final pregnancy. Her late in life miracle child.

If the idea of abortion is abhorrent to you? I get it.

Don’t have one. No one’s forcing you..

But the current climate of gender inequality is trying to force women back into those horrible dark rooms…. and that makes me sick.


That’s off my chest.

Now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.


Squirrel acrobatics.




32 thoughts on “Just throwing this out there.”

    1. That link doesn’t work for me. Keeps bringing me to a blank page.
      As far as tax dollars paying for it? If my tax dollars are paying for Viagra.. which they are… then fair is fair.

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    1. I refuse to engage. My husband doesn’t do social media… but he loves to stand toe to toe in person and “discuss”. Personally, I’d rather beat my head against the wall. The outcome is the same.

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  1. River, I stay out of politics and other issues that can only get me into trouble because I get into trouble all the time without the extra effort. So I’m just going to steal from Matthew McConaughey and give you a generic, “All right, all right, all right!” All right? But that’s what your blog is for — to express whatever you want whenever you want! Mona

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