Blogster time warp?

So I did my daily check to see if Blogster had risen from the dead and noticed the normal “Blogster Log In” link was gone.

I searched around a little and found one that took me here –




Very odd.

It wouldn’t let me log in and I didn’t recognize anyone except Maria. When I clicked on her photo I landed on the “We are currently performing system updates” page.

Did I do a little time travelling here?

Is this what Blogster looked like back in the day…..

23 thoughts on “Blogster time warp?”

      1. Play in here. You’ll figure it out. You apparently have the patience of saint with your lightening fast internet speed.


      1. I’ve been bouncing around sites since Yahoo 360. Blogster was a comfortable old shoe…. just haven’t had the drive to start fresh somewhere else… yet!


      2. yeah I know what you mean there… Blogster is small and felt like a community of such (Blogstream did too, perhaps Yahoo 360 did as well)…its hard to find that here or Blogger either one…its so big and diverse! 🙂


      3. I’m having a hard time adjusting to the platform here. With the reader, there’s really no purpose of having your own page at all. I think I’ll miss the personal aspect of that…


      4. Yes… and I don’t find this site very user friendly either. I swear you need a degree in coding to set up a themed page. I think that’s why I’m so loyal to Blogster. Ease of use and sense of community.


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