I know I shouldn’t laugh….


But I had to, because it’s nice to know I’m not the only idiot out there.

Earlier this year I performed the bone head move of forgetting to put my car in park when exiting.  (Not my finest moment, feel free to chuckle) I had pulled up to an ATM and dropped my card out the window while attempting to use the machine. (Hey… it was winter, in Maine. Read cold, bitter wind and snow…. sh*t happens.)  I backed up and got out to retrieve the card, apparently without shifting into park.  Not good.

Naturally the ATM machine was on a slight hill and the car started to roll away… without me in it. The sight of  a wide eyed and crazed woman  (in beautiful high heeled grey suede boots that are now ruined. *Sob*)  trying to jump into a moving vehicle was probably quite amusing for the bank teller watching from the window, but it ceased to be funny for me when I saw my beloved Ethel  ( Yes, I name my vehicles. Don’t you?)  was headed for a line of parked cars.

Good news? I was able to jump in, hit the brake and avoid a demolition derby style accident.  (I swear I heard my insurance company sigh in relief.)

Bad news? When I jumped in and grabbed the wheel…. it turned and I smashed into the end of the ATM.  (Loudest crunch… ever.)




$1800 dollars worth of door damage later, I felt like an idiot.


Not as much of an idiot as a girlfriend who recently took a trip to Canada with friends.








They stopped at a gas station to use the restroom and forgot to put it in park.

It rolled out of the station, down a hill and hit a rock.

I know I shouldn’t laugh.

Really I do.

But no one was hurt….

So I’m sorry,  but.


I’m not the only idiot.

These things must be celebrated!


20 thoughts on “I know I shouldn’t laugh….”

  1. Been there, done that…I was on a girl trip to the North GA mountains and on my way home, I zigged where I should’ve zagged. My poor car (named Penny since it’s copper colored-yes, I name my cars, too!) ended up in a ditch. First time I ever used my AAA membership benefits and I was so glad I had them. Still, I was ridiculously embarrassed.

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  2. Can’t beat that! I can get close….. With a broken foot,sprained foot and broken hand.. all plastered up… I went for a drive. Stopped to post a letter, the car wasn’t in park and started rolling backwards.. so I had to rumafter it, with my casts on, open the door and jump in while it was rolling backwards. Use park people 🙂

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  3. I’m laughing, too, but I sympathize even though I personally have not done that. I did, however, accidentally put the car into reverse instead of drive, but fortunately since I had backed into the parking spot, the car simply butted up against the curb and brought the issue to my attention asap.

    How on earth did they get that car off the rock? And how much damage was there to that underside?

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  4. The brake and the gear marked “park” are your friends…or so I’ve been told. I found this out one day when my car and I ended up in a ditch. Who knew you couldn’t make a right hand turn going 30 mph on a rain-slick road? Damn, I miss that little yellow Pinto! We had so many adventures together!

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      1. Yeah, that’s one way to get your exercise for the day. My experience was more like riding a carnival ride gone wild until I had to explain why my car was in the ditch and then pay to have it extracted from said ditch. Talk about feeling like an idiot. Glad we both survived. And I’m with Pip, that car on the rock is pretty hysterical!

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  5. Oh my! I did that once when I first started to drive. It was about five feet from where I “parked-didn’t-park it” — Oof. I am SO sorry about the damage to both boots and Ethel.
    But the rock thing, well, Hehehe.


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