Can I take a serious moment here?





It’s a rarity, I know… but bear with me.

With all the attention that jerkweed weather reporter pretending to be caught in gale force winds received, it seems the blogosphere has forgotten that people are still suffering the effects of Hurricane Florence, and it’s far from funny.

We lived in Jacksonville, North Carolina for 17 years and rode out some terrible storms. They’re frightening, life changing and nothing to take lightly. We have a lot friends still in the area and thankfully they all evacuated, but I’ve been getting texts and picture updates from some of them and I wanted to share ….

This is I-40…




Most of our friends can’t get back into town.

Because this is what happens when you try to drive through high water.




In all the years we lived there, we never saw flooding like this.




The entire town is literally under water.




Thank God for the Marines..




A neighbor took this picture of my girlfriend’s house.




And the courthouse where she works.




I hear Wilmington is completely cut off as well.




There’s no power, no water, no gas and some of the cell towers have gone down.




Now I like a good laugh as much as the next person, probably more. So yes, laugh at the idiot reporter trying to make a name for himself.

But don’t yell fake news at me. This is real for a lot of people we love, and that nimrod shouldn’t be the only part of the story we’re talking about.



Okay, I know.






22 thoughts on “Can I take a serious moment here?”

  1. My 80-year old mother lives on an island off the coast of Georgia and has had to evacuate more times than I can count. The last bad one she couldn’t get home for a week and when she did, couldn’t even get into the house for all the trees downed in her yard. One smashed through the roof and took out half of her bathroom. She was one of the lucky ones.

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  2. The sad thing is, said idiot reporter has been around for a LONG time and had no need to make a name for himself. People’s suffering is not something to be trifled with, for crying out loud! My office mate has Florence refugees from Jacksonville, NC staying with her for the immediate future. One of them delivered a baby here on Saturday. Thank you for pointing this out. To some it might be seen as pointing out the obvious, and it probably is, but the fact that it needs to be pointed out is a sad commentary on our time. Thanks, Riv.

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  3. All my info has come from friends posting on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a very different picture than the one presented by the crap media. They’ve stopped reporting now but the issues are still there and for some, still getting worse as rivers are still creating. My son is safe as are all his friends but his home is damaged and his job is gone. There’s rebuilding to be done before it can reopen. He’s lucky, he can stay here. Others don’t have that choice but there’s other fake news to ‘report’ so screw the real stuff

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      1. I know.. my sons room mate is attempting to head back this evening. We’ll see how the house is. My son is lucky he can stay here, a lot of his workmates haven’t got that. Getting contractors and building materials etc is another thing. Heck just getting gas and groceries is going to be a challenge

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      2. Ive been told people in Wilmington were waiting in line for 7 hours for gas. FEMA has set up a tent city across from the Jacksonville high school to house and feed the electric lineman from other states who’ve come to help.

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  4. When I first started travelling to America regularly every time I arrived it was like the end of the world in one part of the country … Think over the last ten years what has happened. It’s not just living with the disaster but the constant threat.. but this is just one more of a long list..

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    1. The wildfires on the west coast are definitely getting worse and the hurricanes on the east coast more powerful and frequent. It may seem the news over reports the severity, but when you’re hunkered down in your house waiting for the roof to blow off? It doesn’t feel that way….

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  5. We had this in 2007. We lost a friend. Plus 6 other people died. Homes literally washed away. Roads gone. 4 of Nick’s vehicles were affected. 3 of the 4 were a total loss. One a very rare Torino.

    Flooding is devastating and I would call that station and let that a$$hat have it. Right between the eyes…

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  6. We lived in Winston for 8 years and have lots of friends in North and South Carolina. It’s hard to see these images . . . especially since it seems that “super storms” aren’t so super any more. They are the new norm. It’s scary to think about ~> there is no safe place.

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    1. This one was crazy, not because of wind damage but the rain. My girlfriend’s town received 35.60 inches…. in 2 days! Fayetteville is flooded and that’s 130 miles inland. And then the tornados in Richmond? I had another friend who fled there from N.C….. talk about a double whammy!

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  7. Living in Florida you get used to dealing with the 3 H’s: Heat, Humidity and Hurricanes but now we have added a 5th due to climate change: F, yes flooding and it is a hard one to deal with!
    Glad your friends are okay–Mary in Raliegh made it through too

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  8. That irritated me, too, when I saw people making this whole situation about that one reporter and implying that it’s proof that the media always lies about everything. There’s real loss, devastation, and real human lives we’re dealing with here. Okay, so the reporter thing was funny–but now let’s focus on helping these folks. Great post, internet friend!

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