The project turns a corner…



Alternative title:  If we’d known it would be this much work, we never would have started.

A word of advice from a blogger who’s sore, covered in paint and has splinters where one should never have splinters..



Don’t remodel that old rotting garage. Let it fall to pieces on it’s own, bury the refuse and park on the street….. because what started out as “Let’s throw some vinyl siding on that puppy”  has turned into  “Oh, holy crap… we have to replace that too?”




We’ve been working all weekend long, every weekend since mid August and never seem to get anywhere. The paper walls didn’t help, but neither did all the rotten studs and trim…. and once you start replacing a little, you have to replace a lot.




So the woodshed has new walls.




And we turned another corner.




And ripped off more trim…




And cursed the previous homeowner who used rusty railroad spikes instead of nails to Hell and back numerous times.




Then the husband said, “We might as well put a new door in here too.”

(At which point I started cursing him to Hell and back under my breath.)




Have you ever tried putting a brand new door on a 1970’s sloping, non standard, off center, dirt floored storage room?  Well, don’t. It’s not nearly as much fun as it sounds.

After two full hours of putting it in… and out… and in again…. I realized the husband is not highly proficient at cutting angles.




But did I say anything? No. It will be covered in fascia anyway, and he probably heard my eyes rolling from across the yard…. so I’m good.

By Sunday evening we’d replaced walls and studs and trim and a door. We’d put up starter strip, J channel, corner posts, F channel, soffit, fascia, siding and sill trim.




We were tired and sore.





Oh, stuff it Morgan.

It may not look perfect, but it looks better. And right now?

Better is just fine with me.

26 thoughts on “The project turns a corner…”

  1. Looks like you’re making some steady progress, gotta love those last minute “improvements” they always come up with. We go to Lowe’s tomorrow to get the lumber to replace the kitchen floor, subflooring and all. That begins Saturday morning. Upside is I get to pick out new tile and order a new refrigerator. Downside…I will have no kitchen for the weekend (or longer). I’m sure I’ll get at least a blog post out of it!

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  2. Yeah. I’m sorry. That’s terrible. It looks great though!
    It’s like that. We did a lot of stuff to our last Indiana home and most of it started as small inexpensive projects we could easily do on our own. Flash to three weeks of sub-floor in the kitchen, months of replacing and painting walls in the basement, etc etc, and more to the tune of $$$$… Now, in this house, which is 100 years old, that’s 40 years older than the last one — if it ain’t literally broken or defunct to an abysmal degree, we let it be. Om.

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