Window – 1. Bird – 0.


We live in the country with a large back yard…


IMG_3398 (480x640)


A field….




and some woods.




This leads to a lot of avian visitors.

Some of whom sadly commit suicide on our windows.

I wasn’t here when this particular bird went splat, but it did leave me a rather prominently placed clue in our bedroom.




A perfect dead bird body print.




Complete with wings.




RIP little one.



20 thoughts on “Window – 1. Bird – 0.”

  1. Sometimes, they just get knocked silly. Some kids brought me a woodpecker that they thought had died or broken its neck on their storm door. I put it in a shoe box and watched some television. A half hour later, there was a rustling. Fortunately, I got the back door open and Woody flew away…

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  2. We had a bird hit the living room window. Sprint just happened to be outside sitting by that window when it hit. When the bird hit the ground, Sprint looked at Nick, picked up the bird, and walked off. It’s not DELIVERY! It’s DeBirdo!!

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  3. The perils of country living, sometimes you have evidence of a not so good take off or landing and only have the “trace” of it. On a lighter note, maybe if you didn’t have such clear clean windows the poor thing might have seen it and flown over the house, lol.

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  4. At least your “evidence” stayed outside. Unlike the the unlucky squirrel my dog brought into the living room to proudly display. I normally don’t rejoice over the death of any creature, but this particular squirrel has been teasing my dogs from up above for a long time. One too many times I guess.

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  5. KILLER!!! MURDERER!! And you pick on hubby for stashing a ‘few’ small items in the barn!!! :O)

    Because of the big tree outside my building we have loads of birds building their nests–and not one bird injury with our new hurricane windows—mmmmm—Southern birds must be smarter than Yankee birds!!

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