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Air mail for bird nerds.


I love living in the country….

Because you never know who will drop by.

Or deliver the mail.




The other day?




It was this little beauty.




An American Kestrel.

We have many birds of prey fly over head…. Bald Eagles, Red Tail Hawks, Golden Eagles, Ospreys .




We have a Sharp Shinned Hawk who plucks mourning doves off our bird feeders.




Yes, even the ones in disguise.

We have a Barred Owl who perches on our deck railing waiting for mice to scurry by.




But this Kestrel is the first one I’ve seen on our property in the 18 years we’ve lived here.

For bird lovers like us?

It’s a beautiful thing.





UFC – turkey division


Have you ever seen a turkey smackdown?

I hadn’t, and to be honest….

I’m not anxious to see it again.

When there’s snow on the ground, we get wild turkey visitors. They come in for the bird seed that falls under the feeders and while the husband will shoo them off due to the copious amounts of poo they leave behind….




I usually enjoy their comical turkey antics.

Until yesterday.

When it turned into a brawl.



It went on for what seemed like forever.




Two combatants, who I assume were males fighting for spring mating rites…




Went at it hard and heavy.




They bounced, and flew, and scrambled, and chased each other all over the back yard…

Until this happened.




Not sure if you can tell by the picture…




By one bird literally had his beak down the throat of the other.

They seemed to be stuck… and were thrashing like crazy.

It was horrible to watch.




While I usually don’t interfere in nature, after what seemed like an eternity I finally went outside and made some noise.

It startled them and thankfully they broke apart.

I’m sorry, but no amount of sex is worth that!




I believe it.


Those little buggers are mean.




Cleaning out the photo files…


A few random shots that are clogging up my computer and not individually blog worthy.




Clearly this t shirt has my name on it..

And someone should purchase it for me forthwith.




Sadly, this also has my name on it.

But hey –





In other news, I love a backyard bird sighting.




And though Evening Grosbeaks are common to our area….




We’ve never had them here.




Until now.




And with a pecker photo bomb.




How fun is that?




And finally?





Because yes…

That little bastard needs to go.












And now, back to our regularly scheduled program…..

Vacation posts are over,  (for a while anyway)  and it’s time to get back to normal, every day nonsensical blogging.

I have lots of odd stuff to catch up on , so let’s get started shall we?

#1…  A while back my husband had his truck restored and painted. It cost a fortune, but he loves that old thing. And apparently, so did this robin.


Every morning at 6:00am ( before the snow started to fly) this bird showed up.


He’d hop all over the bed, then the cab… pooping on everything.


He got very aggressive and fought off other birds if they flew too near.


The little bastard even dive bombed me a few times.


#2…  And speaking of dinosaurs,


We had a visiting Pterodactyl.

(Okay, it was a raven I named Roderick, but damn. He was big.)


*Note to self – buy bigger bird bath.*


#3… I saw this in a parking lot last month –

IMG_0875 (Edited)

Clearly this man had been waiting for a long time.


#4… Good news!

I finally found a pair of jeans made for women who eat too many double stuff Oreos  real women.


#5… Remember the mutant brain abomination that was growing on my driveway?


Well, we came home from vacation….


And found it dead.


It had turned brown, shriveled up and fallen off it’s stalk. Which was quite a relief.

Until I started thinking that maybe it just….


#6….. You know it’s Christmas time in Maine when you see the holiday trees popping up everywhere.


Of course, in Maine… trees are made from lobster crates, so make of that what you will.

#7…. And speaking of Christmas, here’s a great gift idea from Vermont.


Because nothing says I love you better than a wheel of cheese, and a cow you don’t have to clean up after.

You’re welcome.

It’s Twilight Zone time….


There’s been some weird stuff happening at Casa River lately and I think it needs to be shared….  if only to prove I’m not crazy.



First it was the weird giant watermelon slice that threatened to swallow my husband whole while he was working on the garage.




I know what you’re thinking… a reflection of sunlight.

Okay, maybe.

But then there’s the bird bath.




I dutifully wash and fill it with fresh water every other day.  (Hey, did you see the birds on those lines? I’m not taking any chances.)

But lately…






Someone… (or something) …. is peeing in my bird bath.




Okay, it’s a bath. For birds. And when birds hit water? Yes, they poo… that’s a given.

But in the 17 years I’ve been caring for this one, no one has ever peed in it. Now? It’s happening every day.




And if you’re thinking you can explain it with some out of season tree pollen or a sneaky garden gnome with a dye packet…. then take a crack at this one:

Ghost hands.




I’d finished painting the new garage door, and since I always wear as much as whatever I’m painting…. ( I do. I really do. You can look at my work clothes on any given day, point  and say Porch. Deck. Barn. Shutters etc. It’s pathetic but true. Come to think of it, maybe that’s not grey in my hair after all but leftover paint! Yes. I’m going with that.) …. when I was done I thought I’d take a picture and post something funny on FB.

But every picture I took?

All 10 of them?




Had that eerie ghostly outline.

No other pictures, no moisture on the lens, just my hands.

Explain that!





Oh, stuff it Rod.

No one asked you.


I know you’re out there Alfred….



I woke up the other morning to an eerie fog covered world.

And an even eerier bird covered telephone line.




They were gathering.





Too quietly.

And I thought,




Did I forget to fill the bird feeders?

Was the bird bath empty?

Were they here for revenge?




And then I saw that one.

There… on the left.





It looked like a lobster..  and I knew I was doomed.

I couldn’t sedate it, I haven’t smoked weed since 1983!



So I did what any self respecting Alfred Hitchcock fan would do.

I hid in the house until they dispersed.




And put bird seed on my shopping list because I’m not taking any chances.




And P.S….

Did you know there’s a Bird’s Halloween costume?



I might just need one of those to go grocery shopping.