I love my town.


We recently had an election and one of the local referendums was so important I had to get involved.

I lobbied hard.

I raised awareness of the injustice.

I persuaded, cajoled and yes…. even threatened everyone I knew to do their part for equality and democracy.

What was this earth shattering vote about?

Our local pub being able to serve alcohol during the week.



The voice of the people was heard.

Victory was mine!



Another reason to love my town?

They post warnings like this:



Sorry, but if I have $50 worth of filet mignon on the grill?

That bear can pull up a chair and join us before I let it go from rare to well done.



Goat hay?

Do they eat it or sleep on it… and how bad does it have to be before it’s graded down to goat quality?



Stuffing for the spare bedroom pillow when your MIL visits.

Then goat… seems fair.

And finally, our town as seen from the air.






The way life should be.


20 thoughts on “I love my town.”

  1. I had a dream about a bear last night. Mrs C was driving and we came across one and it came after the car, and she stopped the car to sit still. I kept saying “turn right and punch it!” I woke up before I saw the outcome.

    What does it mean? Football season?

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  2. Perhaps I’m a bit slow, but if I’m reading “Article 2” correctly, does it mean that, prior to this vote, you could ONLY consume liquor on the premises on Sunday? SUNDAY? I have got to be missing something here…

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