Have you ever…


Have you ever sat on an orthopedist’s table watching an ultra sound monitor as they stick a foot long red hot poker in your knee?

No? Well, I did yesterday morning… and oddly enough I don’t recommend it.

First it was a shot of lidocaine… which I can only describe as being injected with molten hot lava.



Yes, exactly like that.

Holy water? Pfft. Lidocaine’s got that beat hands down… and it was only the appetizer.

A minute later the big gun came out. Cortisone, to aid in pain relief and reduce inflammation from my deep root meniscus tear.

Pain relief? After a week of beached whale status on the couch I said bring it!

Holy mother of God. I’ve had cortisone shots before, but never in a deep rooted knee injury. And let me tell you, I never want to have one there again.

I realize that screaming isn’t the best thing to do in a doctors office as it tends to make the people in the waiting room uncomfortable, but damn. I couldn’t help it. That needle kept going in, and in, and in …



Lying bastards.

I yelped upon entry.  (Lidocaine, you suck and didn’t dull a thing.)

I squealed when it was halfway there.  (Numbing agent my ass.)

And when that foot long bastard finally got to where it needed to be? I think I was crying for my late mother.

And mind you, I’m the high pain tolerant girl who recovered from a full abdominal hysterectomy with no morphine or fentanyl because I’m narcotic resistant.

So did this torture session offer pain relief? My knee felt a little better later that afternoon.. but I woke up in the middle of the night with throbbing and swelling where I didn’t have it before. So now I’m dealing with the “temporary pain and inflammation at the injection site for 48 hours” that only a few lucky people experience.

Long story short?

It sucks to be me right now.



36 thoughts on “Have you ever…”

  1. You described my experience with a cortisone shot EXACTLY. Hurt like hell going into my wrist, then woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. I actually had to call in sick the next day because my job revolved around using a pencil and paper and I couldn’t work my cortisoned wrist. I’m sure you can imagine how easy showering and using the bathroom were…

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    1. I’d like to say I’m glad I’m not the only one but I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. The wrist would be an equally bad place… of course I can’t stand on one leg to put my underwear on, so the knee isn’t really any better.

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  2. Oh man, so sorry. That sounds horrible.

    You’re hardly the first I’ve known describe such an issue with cortisone shots. So much so that when offered one as treatment for a foot issue years ago, I not only said “No!” I said, “Hell, no!” It seemed those who got some relief only had it temporarily, so the pain of the injection hardly seemed worth it.

    Maybe time to pursue alternative solutions? In the meantime, self-medicate in proven ways that work, even if only short-term 🙂

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  3. I have had Lidocaine and cortisone (note, i mispelled Lidocaine and spell check suggested cocaine), and both were bad. Not as bad as you describe, because mine were in my shoulder, but bad. I’d never do it again. I hope you feel better in 24-48 hours.

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  4. You see that shot in the picture you posted? Huh? See it? The cancer immunotherapy shot I get is BIGGER than that. No kidding. No sarcasm. It is bigger. They have to freeze a part of my upper butt so I do not feel it, mostly. I get that shot every 28 days for the rest of my life, so yeah, I kind of get it.

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