We all have one.


Admit it, you have at least one crazy friend.

You know the one I’m talking about. They’re a little off the rails and do things you would never even dream of.

Wild? Maybe.

Entertaining? Most certainly.

Case in point: one of mine, whom we shall call P.

I grew up with P… and while we weren’t extremely close, I still consider her a childhood friend.

So when I heard she got back at a cheating boyfriend by breaking into his house and cutting his bed in half with a chainsaw?

I can’t say I was surprised.



While I don’t condone the dangerous behavior?

I have to say, I do admire her chutzpah.



31 thoughts on “We all have one.”

  1. I find them (an ex) not worth that kind of effort but then again, he may think twice next time….

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah who am I kidding. Once a cheater always a cheater.

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  2. No such crazy friends here. Really. Cuz I got no friends. Burned every bridge I ever build. Kinda makes it possible I am the crazy friend, except I would never cut a bed in half with a chainsaw. Most likely I would cut myself in half.
    Actually, all my friends are non-human now. They don’t judge me, or leave me when the chips are down, and they certainly are at worst just normally crazy, not weird crazy.

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  3. The pic isn’t displaying… known bug. If you want it to show you need to delete and add again (from media library).

    I’m usually that crazy friend… but I’m too afraid of jail to damage property!!

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