You really can’t unsee this stuff.


Remember when I posted this mind blowing fact a while back?



Upside down guitars! You can’t unsee that.

So now…. continuing in that vein of astonishment, I bring you Kentucky Fried Chicken.



Colonel Sanders has a tiny hangman’s body! Why did I never see that?

And speaking of never seeing –

This popped up on my FB feed recently.



And while I pride myself on being the queen of double entendre, I admit it took me a few moments to visualize this one.

How about you? Do you see it….



20 thoughts on “You really can’t unsee this stuff.”

  1. The USS Boston has six tuners but only four strings. Hmmm. I got the t-shirt. No surprise, I’ve got a mind full of filth. I don’t care about the colonel. As far as I’m concerned, the man’s a god.
    Good post, thanks.

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