Let’s play.


Because everyone has a favorite film.



This is a hard one for me as I have quite a few. And while I don’t mindlessly watch tv like my spouse, I do have a few movies that will make me stop what I’m doing and watch.

All time favorite film? Casablanca. But for something a tad more recent?



For a history buff like me, you can’t beat this one. An important story of the 54th Massachusetts, the first black regiment to fight in the civil War. It will put a lump in your throat and pride in your heart. Hell, I weep just hearing the soundtrack.



I cry unashamedly every single time I see this one. And with music from Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen? You can’t go wrong.



You can have Stephen King’s horror movies for fluff, but the fact he can write books like these and chooses not to is sad. Pass the tissues, I’ll need them with both of these films as well.



The extremely underrated and heartwarming true story of P.L.Travers, author of Mary Poppins, and Walt Disney’s battle to bring it to the screen. I laughed, I cried and will never doubt Emma Thompson’s genius again.


I could go on all day, but I’ll just drop one more favorite.



I’m not a huge Russell Crowe fan but this sweet and funny story about love and family stole my heart. Set in Provence, the scenery is stunning, the acting sublime. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy.

So how about you?

What movie can you watch again and again….


46 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. “Moonstruck” –
    Rose: Do you love him, Loretta?
    Loretta: Aw, ma, I love him awful.
    Rose: Oh, that’s too bad.

    I wore out the vhs tape and then the cd – I will watch this movie any time, anywhere.

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  2. This one is easy for me, though you may never have heard of any of these movies.
    1. Phantom of the Paradise — the inane rock opera with such fabulous music we the movie-goers in Winnipeg kept it going for months in Winnipeg while it bombed everywhere else in North America. It is now a cult classic!
    2. The Strawberry Statement — a movie with a rock sound track about an innocent university jock who becomes involved in a university take-over because he falls in love with the wrong girl, a girl who is politically involved.
    3. Tribes — a movie your husband would probably hate. A hippie comes to marine boot camp during the Vietnam War. He drives his sargeant crazy because he is more of a man than anyone at the camp while being a pacifist who cannot even pill the trigger on a rifle.

    It just so happens I have watched all three again in the last 6 months, the latter two in the last week.

    An honourable mention would be a movie called King of Hearts, but I cannot find it anywhere. I once owned it on VHS but lost it in my many moves, and now I cannot find an English version on-line, even though it was made in English.

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      1. Old Souls is only one of the great songs in the movie. We used to sit in the Garrick Theatre in Winnipeg, and sing along with every song. It was party time from opening to closing, especially for us who were “between jobs” and with nothing else to do all day. We sat in the first 4 or 5 front centre rows depending on who was there. I don’t live in Winnipeg anymore, but I hear Paul Williams and most of the cast have come there for two Phantompaloozas now, just to thank Winnipeg for saving the movie.
        Oh, to be young and free again…

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    1. I too live KING OF HEARTS — there’s no other film quite like it. I’ve seen it on TCM a few times. It’s not on often (I think the last time was about six months ago), but you might want to check TCM’s online schedule occasionally .


      1. I meant “love” KING OF HEARTS (not “live”). My typos seem to be getting more frequent lately – it seems old age is becoming King of my life. 😉


      1. Some years I watch ALL of them (George C. Scott, Patrick Steward, Reginald Owen, Alastair Sims, SCROOGE the musical, etc.). The only one I didn’t like . . . The Muppets. The dialog was too far from Dickens for me to enjoy.

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  3. The 13th Warrior: “Lo there do I see my father; Lo there do I see my mother, my sisters and my brothers; Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever.” This chokes me up.

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      1. I don’t even know where to begin telling you to watch this movie and do it now. It’s a Michael Crichton story and it’s directed by John McTiernan, who also gave us Die Hard (It is a Christmas movie). Antonio Banderas is great, it’s all he can do. There’s action and plenty of it, without a lot of filler to pad the clock. I think I’m going to watch it now. Good post, I always enjoy reading the comments.

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      2. Not sure how I missed that one. Here’s a quote from Crichton about it..

        “The short version is, I wrote Eaters of the Dead on a bet that I could make an entertaining story out of Beowulf.

        It’s an unusual book. Readers either like it, or they don’t. I’m quite pleased with the movie (13th Warrior), which I think captures the feeling of the novel very well.”

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  4. “I’m not a huge Russell Crowe fan” That explains your poor taste in movies”””
    Okay, for starters: Pretty Woman, Love is a Many Splendored Thing, A Star Is Born (all 4 versions), All About Eve, Spoiler Alert—and that’s just for tonight!

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  5. Shawshenk Redemption . . . always seems to pull me in. Could be anywhere in the movie . . . pulled in right away. Amazing that it didn’t fare all that well at the box office. Like A Good Year too. Always makes me think I need to chuck it all and travel to France and live the good life. Of course, my wife reminds me of our paltry savings and I quit my whining! Nice list.

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