35 thoughts on “In case there was any doubt…”

      1. My youngest gave me the dash cam because I drive into another state to work through a very isolated two way road. He just wants me to be safe. That’s what he said anyway. Now I have to worry about sing out loud in the car and ordering if the dash cam will capture it all….lol.

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  1. LOL!!! That is too funny! He really does not get it.
    Well – guess what happened to me? I bought my OWN presents for him to wrap. Had them delivered. Christmas morning? These presents were not there. WTH??? Where did you put them? I dunno. ..Well, I’m pretty sure I saw the box arrive. I can’t remember… I had to hunt around to find the damn box he had hidden in the spare room. I should have just bought the stuff and started using it right then and there. Men!

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