Let’s play.


You look forward to these all week.

Admit it.



For me? It’s always been arrogance.

That strutting peacock who never shuts up and thinks every word that falls from his/her lips is pure gold.

The one who’s always right.

The one who never stops talking because he/she loves the sound of their own voice.

They’re condescending, full of themselves, overbearing, self righteous and always have to be the center of attention.

I have little tolerance for these pontificating braggarts and avoid them like the plague.



How about you?…

What do you find instantly unattractive?


29 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. I can’t stand vanilla. The ice cream flavor, sure. The personality type? Not at all. Think local TV news anchor: The movies are too sscary, the music’s too loud, the food’s too spicy, beaux-RINNNNNNNG! I may just be exquisitely bored (Thanks, Pete), and a total drag myself. Hmmm…

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  2. Bible Thumpers, Religious Zealots, Holier than Thou types ~> the “I’ll pray for you” crowd.

    It’s just a different type of arrogance.

    And also Whiny Babies like Harry and Meagan. 😀

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  3. I dislike people who tell me what everyone else thinks, but never mwke a personal statement about themselves. They can quote someone on any topic, but they cannot say, “My thoughts are…”

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  4. That’s a big one for me too. I once spent a weekend with a group, one of whom was a male model. On the 3rd day, he was play-flirting with me but I no longer played along. When, shocked that I wasno longer fawning over him he asked what changed, I told him his vanity made him unattractive. He said his behavior was because everyone treated him like a gawd. I said I expected him to see the difference in people who like HIM, not just his looks. Dunno if he ever processed that.

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