50 is the new 30?

Not even close.

Everything started to go downhill on me at that age…. literally and figuratively.

Now at 55?

I may not look it, but I feel it.

Back pain?  (I used to be able to bend like a pretzel, what the hell happened?)

Unexplained aches and stiffness?  ( Groaning upon rising from a seated position is not sexy.  Not at all. )

Fatigue for no good reason?  (Thank you menopause, as if the damned hot flashes aren’t bad enough.)

And let’s not talk about the weight gain, bunions and hair sprouting where hair has never sprouted before.


Let’s not!


15 thoughts on “50 is the new 30?”

  1. let’s see…I usually say never reach 30 because all things start to go the hell. It seems to sadly hold true. I used to be in tap dancing and ballet classes back in the day. Now? Forget doing a kart wheel. I am lucky to get up off the floor doing a push up!


      1. Me was 30’s because diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, scoliosis of the back (actually was diagnosed with that when I was in 2nd grade so that don’t count I guess), then needed glasses but still pretending I didn’t need them until about 4 years ago, and for the last few months, I think I have a spur on my foot but too stubborn to go and have it checked….and I am turning 47 on August 9th. Meh…so 50’s are not that far away….


  2. All shoes need memory foam now days..it’s comfort, not looks anymore. I don’t take my glasses out unless I am working, or trying to read directions for something. I don’t even wear them unless I have to…they are always in my purse too.


      1. Listen to me and Rusty–you are still a kid!!!
        I LOVE being old BUT there are a few negative things about it–our bodies can only work for so long! :O)


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