A question for WordPressers….


From a relatively new WordPressee.  (Okay that’s not a word, so sue me)

I’ve been blogging for a while now.

Started with Yahoo 360 back in the day…


(Admit it, you hear the yodeling)

And lived through their horrible experiment Mash.




Let’s Mash?

(Let’s not and say we did.)

Moved on to Multiply…



Which instead of proliferating like rabbits as the title suggests, died a slow death and left me adrift.

I found Blogster…


Which had a great platform but a disinterested owner who let it become rife with trolls and go belly up with technical issues.

Yes… I’ve outlived more sites than I care to admit.

So now I’m here, feeling my way around.

WordPress has some wonderful writers,  and a plethora of blogs way more interesting than mine.  ( Although if you’re into watching someone wage war with woodchucks and the occasional Tequila bottle, I’m your girl ) (Okay, more than occasionally… geesh.)

But I have to admit I’m not feeling the sense of community I felt with other sites. No one stops by to say hello, or welcome you with a pie. ( btw, I like blueberry )

I can’t even implement the time honored tradition of poaching my friend’s followers because they’re not listed here. (What’s up with that!)

I’m in the habit of reading a post and commenting… even if I have no intention of returning for a second helping.  ( Pie reference again, apologies )

So am I jumping the gun…. expecting too much connection, too soon?  Or is this really the drive by of blog sites? I know you’re out there… I see the visitor stats.

And hey, our blueberries are almost ripe.




If you stop and say hello…

I’ll bake the pie.

49 thoughts on “A question for WordPressers….”

  1. It takes a little bit here. And you can see other’s friends. They are called followers here. Click on anyone’s response on my page and wiggle your way over to theirs. Reader (top left) will also connect you with others. I’ve been here like 5 years and in the last year my readership has really perked up. Not a lot of comments from people. But if you start, they will come visit you. You are FUN to read and I’ll pop your ‘address’ on a few pages I know and recommend you.

    I like Cherry, Pumpkin, and OMG BANANA CREAM!!!!

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  2. After all these years young lady YOU know it is carrot cake that gets me to do anything!!
    With all due respect, blogster was unique when it came to interacting though most of it was negative and there were ‘blog wars’ going on constantly.
    I really don’t know how long I have been on this site (it’s been a few years) but like any other you have to do a lot of interacting until someone will respond.
    There are a lot of travelers so that might be something you want to post about along with your pictures.
    Hang in there.


  3. Word press is not a social site, but merely a place to put webpages up. They do have some features to sort of simulate that old social site feel, but it really isn’t their forte’ and the features fail miserably.
    A lot of my old Y360 and YChat friends went to facebook, so for the social part, I hang there, and for the blog, I write it here, then click on the fb icon after it publishes, and it automatically posts a notice on fb. I think you can set it up for automatic posting, but since I write stuff that I don’t particularly want certain classes of friends and family to see, I prefer a bit more control.
    I do auto link to G+ and my giant audience of three people.
    I keep a NewsReader and add my friends to it as they come to wordpress, and if I really like them, I also link to their comments. That is how I am notified when you post since I don’t often use WordPresses reader.


    1. That’s disappointing. I have no desire to link my blogs to FB, for me they’re different entities for different people. And Lord knows no one would pay to read my drivel, so I’m not looking for a professional site.
      But hey, I just reread your comment. If I made your NewsReader… You like me! You really like me!

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  4. I’m almost a 7-year Word Press fan – I’ve loved this site from day one. I began with one follower (my nephew, who set it up for me). I just started reading the blogs of others, commenting, and viola, I now have 3,000 followers or so. I began my blog to share my writing – fiction and non-fiction- and to hopefully get some fans of my books. I didn’t know at first how much I’d learn from reading other blogs, and how many virtual friends I’d meet. It’s a great group here. ENJOY! P.S. I LOVE blueberry pie, and Maine blueberry pie is probably the best. Although I still remember a b. pie from Nova Scotia from about 39 years ago. That was the best ever. 🙂

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  5. Nice to meet you, River, and thank you for stopping by my blog. I’ve been here on WordPress for eight years and enjoy it very much. I notice that many more people read my blog than leave comments and I’ve gotten used to that. Some comment maybe once or twice a year, if at all. But it’s also true that I don’t comment on other blogs as much as I’d like to, especially when life gets very hectic. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. Welcome to WordPress!


  6. I see you’ve met Pam (roughwighting) . . . that’s a good start. Her posts are fun (and often mysterious) and she’s got lots of friendly faces stopping by for a chat.

    Welcome aboard the good ship WordPress.


    1. Well, here I was feellng all like, “Here’s a newbie thinking no one loves her because we haven’t found her yet, I got do something” and then I see that you have 32 comments on this post. You’re already doing better than me!

      Anyway – HI! (now where’ my pie?)

      Welcome to the blogosphere via WP.

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      1. Thanks! I’m a bit of a type A personality… when I start something I go whole hog. I’ve read more posts this week than I have in a year!
        As for pie? The birds are eating all the blueberries… it’s a race to the picking, and I’m losing.

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  7. I am SO guilty of being all whiny about no one ever commenting on my posts and meanwhile I’m almost NEVER out reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. This is a good reminder that you get what you give!

    Why is no one talking about coconut cream pie here???? Seriously are you all heathens?


    1. I’ve been exploring and dropping comment bombs everywhere, feeling my way around and trying to build a tribe. To me, blogging has always been social interaction. I mean Hell, I can talk to myself at home with no one listening. If no one’s listening here… why bother typing?


  8. My blog journey follows your path to the tee. I liked 360 and Multiply, was surprised by the social aspect when I started blogging. Blogging was supposed to be an exercise that motivated me to write every day. Before I knew it, I had too many followers on 360, several that qualified as stalkers. I landed on WordPress after Multiply went down, appreciate the stability of this platform and the people that use it. People I follow and who follow me on a regular basis are not as plentiful, but the quality of people is better (if that makes sense).

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  9. Hey, Yahoo was my first blog, too! WordPress is the best. You’ll get your community. It does take some time to get THE RIGHT people. You got me — but where’s the subscribe by email button?


    1. Yeah, I wrote that too soon after starting. This place is amazing, with wonderfully talented… and funny as hell… writers. I’m really enjoying it. As for the email button, I don’t know! Do I really need it?

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      1. You do not need it. HOWEVER, I would read you regularly with it and like this without it, because I’m very busy and lazy and busy and a creature of habit.


      2. Okay, in your Admin panel, go to Plug Ins and in the search section, type email. Mine is Email Subscriptions by Jetpack. It has four stars, and other products have five, so I suppose you could shop for whatever strikes your fancy?


      3. I only have the premium plan, not business… so I can’t get plug ins. Which sucks because this is the first time I have EVER paid to blog and I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that fact as it is. I started with personal, now premium…. geesh!


      4. I only have premium…
        Contact the WP people, maybe? They’re super nice and helpful. They’re on my list of people whose customer service makes me feel like royalty.


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