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A rare sighting.


No, it’s not me eating a meatless meat patty or getting down with the free Billy Ocean album the husband’s playing to torment me in his barn, man cave large building filled with crap.

It’s this:




Eight baby turkeys on the run, headed straight for our bird feeders.




Momma brought them up for a nosh for the very first time since we’ve lived here.




And that, my friends…. deserves a blog.




The little guys were so sweet.




Scratching the ground and pecking for seed.




They stayed close to mom.




And braved the great wide open for a snack.




When mom looked wary?




Babies did as well.

And a few seconds after this riveting video that will cause my new found legion of YouTube fans to flee….



Momma got spooked and gathered her chicks.




Funny thing was, all the babies ran one way and she ran the other.




The chicks gathered.




Huddled, and plopped right down to wait.




When the coast was clear, momma called.




They ran back.

And before I could focus?




Everyone went flying for the woods.



They just don’t take the hint.


Every single day I zap them.

And every single day they come back.



I zap business blogs and blogs that don’t exist. I zap bot blogs and blogs that have 100 posts with no comments or likes.

I don’t need inflated follower stats and have no idea why these people, or machines, keep following me.

Can’t they take the hint?

They follow, I zap. Every day. Twice a day. Ad infinitum.

Give it up Car Kudu. Admit defeat Laundry Tips.

You won’t win.

I can out stubborn you…. just ask my husband.



My hatred for the new editor abated slightly when I played with it on my computer the other day.

I scheduled some critter posts filled with pictures and thought alright, I don’t love it… but I can pull up my big girl panties and deal.

Until I tried to edit one of them on my phone today.




The picture was there in the scroll….



But when I opened the post it basically said F you.




so I’m back to hating it again.

Reason #612 why I hate this new editor.


Bear with me while I bitch.

(I have two weeks worth of scheduled posts in the queue so the bitching will be limited at this time.)

Ever since the husband started teleworking in March, I’ve been doing a lot of blogging on my phone. Which, until the new roll out of the editor from Hell, was fine.

But now that people are being forced to use it, things have changed… at least for me.

My friend from  No Facilities, Dan Antion, is always nice enough to include photos of the rabbits he sees on his walks for me. With a backyard family of foxes, bunnies are the one critter we never see at Casa River.

But when I look at his posts now…

This is what I see –



Text over photos.



Photos over photos.



Text over text.



And photos over text.

Anyway you look at it, it’s a mess.

So if any of WordPress’s inappropriately named ‘Happiness Engineers’ drop by to say hello?

Be sure and tell them I ain’t happy.

The very definition of random.


Let’s start with a beautiful picture I snapped the other night when we took a ride up the coast.



Maine summer on the ocean.

You can’t beat it.



Our neighbor invited us over to see their tree house up close and personal.



Yes, the tree adjacent tree house I complained about in my blog a while back.

So… which one of you weasels ratted me out?



Or rather, the death of them… is driving me to drink.



Real delicious?

Make the next one a double.



Grocery store bouquets.



Because sometimes a girl just has to buy herself flowers.



Socks… for my table?

Wonder if the dryer will eat those as well.


And finally, because you know I couldn’t resist….



You’re welcome.

I suppose it was inevitable.

My site has finally been flipped to the horrid new block editor.

So far, I’m not impressed.

And while I don’t rail at change in other areas of my life,  not having to think about formatting a blog has always been pleasant…. until now. I switched back to classic, but it still doesn’t let me space the way I want.

So does anyone like this new format?

Sing its praises and regale me with its infinite wonders if you do.

Because right now?

This is me:

They’re not worthy.


Not worthy of a blog of their own, but random interesting stuff all the same.

(And by interesting, you know I mean not at all interesting… just random information you didn’t want nor need but I feel compelled to share anyway)



I read a lot…. and before now have never thought of myself as any of these.

But from now on?

I’m an ink drinker all the way.



Yes, I bought myself a frying pan that’s reinforced by diamonds.

Because my fried chicken deserves the very best.



My rose is blooming like a lolly pop.



Is this earth shattering news you can use?


But nothing I say ever is.



This claims to be the perfect Cosmopolitan recipe.

I shall research it extensively and report back.



Sadly, we had to shop for 2 headstones for recently passed members of my husband’s family.

After we picked the size of the stone, and the color of the granite….this was what we were given. Sheets of paper with literally thousands of designs that were printed so small, even reading glasses and a magnifying glass barely helped us make them out.

I believe the husband chose a lighthouse for one…. but it could as easily have been a beer keg.

Time will tell.



Danger Will Robinson!

If you’ve never experienced a browntail moth rash you haven’t lived a full life. Imagine mixing poison ivy with fire ants and chicken pox…. and you might come close.

These little bastards have moved into Maine and are stripping our trees bare. And if you happen to brush up against one of them? Hang on, because you’ll attempt to rip the skin off your bones within 12 hours. Nothing stops the itch except a spray that comes in a one ounce bottle sold by one hospital in the state for $65 per. Insurance won’t cover it and you need a doctor’s prescription to purchase it.

I get the rash at least 3 times a year.

Good times.

And finally, if you’ve been wondering what people are doing to keep busy during the pandemic… or how they’re spending their stimulus money?

Wonder no longer.


Apparently, I’m a chain.


I’m loathe to admit it, but the other day?

I Googled the name of my blog to see what would pop up.

Ironically, my blog didn’t… but I discovered something just as interesting.



I’m a chain of stores in Saudi Arabia.



Who knew?



So if you find yourself with extra time on your hands the next time you’re in Riyadh…



Stop by and say hello.


And let me know if it’s worth suing over name rights.

P. S. …. Don’t forget to bring me back a chicken print burka.

Spam… glorious spam!


We all get it, but lately?

Mine has taken a turn for the worse.




Like this one:

2 days ago


Bird brains.

This post makes me remember a bad joke: Save your breath… you’ll need it to blow up your date.. we are making a flick about this. book for free here! -> https://surprise-me-playlists.herokuapp.com/


A movie about blow up dates?

Makes me glad all the theaters are closed.


a day ago


Gender reassignment.

This post makes me remember a bad joke: What do you give the blonde that has everything? penicillin.. we are making a tv series about this. book for free here! -> https://surprise-me-playlists.herokuapp.com/


Ditto the tv series about the slutty blonde.

Aren’t there enough of those already?


13 hours ago·



Important update..

I am final, I am sorry, there is an offer to go the other way.


No apologies necessary.

Take the offer.



a day ago


Behold the majesty.

Adult sex dating: http://fhzuk.andenfilm.xyz/e63
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Honestly, where does this stuff come from? And why does a post about the baby barn attract it?  A dark web group that gets off on crooked walls and uneven doors sounds extremely pathetic.



2 days ago


Pandemic humor.

Statutory rape is the unlawful sexual penetration of a victim by the defendant or the defendant by the victim when:
The X Story Player offers one of the most realistic, fully immersive adult virtual sex games on the market.
So, you’re not into casual sex? Fine, I’ll put on a tux and we can call it formal sex.

Yes, I can see how a tuxedo would make all the difference.






a day ago·



Say it isn’t so Apple….

How a long way a Gemini chick attained a Gemini females, do you have?

Need to know the thin on why is your partner’s beat?

Wanting my tongue in oral cavity horoscope.


I don’t even know how to respond to this one.

But now I’m wondering if there’s a scope named after whores.